No title, just curious in NEW MEXICO, LAS CRUCES AREA

While walking my dog the other night, I felt bad for the bird that wont be hatched. Because I found on the ground below the tree in the park I walk in a white colored birds egg and​ it was full of yolk. I shown my flashlight on it and could see the yolk, of course it was heavy and was obviously a new egg. It wasn't even cracked, seemingly​ got knocked out of the nest probably by the bird moving around inside the nest. It was sad to realize that egg didn't get to be born. And a few weeks ago in the same area I found this gorgeous empty bird shell that was solid pale blue, like aqua color only a tad darker. Again, I live in Las Cruces,NM. What​ type of birds are laying these two types of gorgeous eggs? White with aqua or blue like colored speckles and the other was a solid aqua blue but a tad bit darker aqua shade solid in color as I just described? I've seen these red breasted dark brown Robin looking birds here. Today even and I've seen them here for years. They look like Robins that sentence similar to Red Breasted Robins I saw growing up in New Jersey by the Long Branch Jersey Shore. I lived just 15 minutes away from Long Branch, only in Tinton Falls/Eatontown by Fort Monmouth Army Base. Okay please email me @ if that's convenient for you. I may not get back to this site anytime soon. Thanks Shawnna Shaw

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May 09, 2017
by: roma

many birds are very sensitive to slight differences in eggs, parasitic birds like cowbirds and cuckooes don,t build their own nests, they put them in other birds nests. when they hatch, they are bigger and displace the real birds chicks, getting all the food while theirs die. the birds push out all the eggs that they don,t think are thiers, but can,t do this after they are born, it think the begging behavior is too hard wired. probably this is why the egg was on the ground.

as far as the aqua one, there are robins here in the west. i saw some in redlands, southern california, and i was surprized. when i lived in upstate ny we had them nest in the tree next door, but not in la or orange county. the san bernadino county museum has one of the most extensive bird and egg collection in the nation in redlands california, they could probably help you.

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