New bird at feeder

by Sue L.

Please help identify this bird. There is a male and female that have recently arrived at my feeder, never saw them before. They are aggressive towards other birds at the feeder.

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New bird at feeder

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Sep 20, 2012
Young Rose-breasted Grosbeak
by: Lilly

Either a first year male or a Winter plumage adult male.

Sep 19, 2012
New Bird at Feeder
by: Anonymous

Looks very much like a Common are a lot of images.....;=en&tbo;=u&prmd;=imvns&tbm;=isch&source;=univ&sa;=X&ei;=anJaULzvAqSd2QXIoIDoAQ&sqi;=2&ved;=0CDsQsAQ&biw;=1291&bih;=534

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