nestling bird

by Marge
(Phoenix, Arizona)

he or she nestles on top of our front door in the winter months in Phoenix,AZ. It is medium to small in size. It is lighter underneath, but really not any rust color. It is gray in color. It's a darker gray on top and on the tail; maybe brown or black. We see it in the early morning before sunrise. We never see it in our backyard. It flies away in kind of a bouncy flight - seems to just have an ugly chirp when it flies.

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Dec 16, 2017
nestling bird
by: Brook


I see that you posted this some time ago and that one has ID'ed your bird. It is very difficult to see the bird in this pic, do you think you can get a better pic for us? See if you can take one that shows it's head and the color markings.

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