Need help identifying white-spotted mousy brown, very young bird..

by Christina
(Box Canyon, CA, USA)

For the past three nights in a row, there has been a baby or very young bird sleeping up in the top of my front doorway outside. It's only there in the dark, gone by sunrise. The head is always tucked, so I can't describe that, but the body is a fluffy 2 1/2" ball of small mousy brown feathers with white spots. The tiny wing and tail feathers are mousy brown, the tail has tiny black horizontal stripes. I don't want to snap a picture because I'm afraid the flash and noise might disturb it. I only saw it because of my motion detecting light outside my door. I tried doing a search for pictures online, and at first thought it might be a wren, but none of the wrens have white spots. I then thought it might be a baby hawk, because of the tail feathers. Whatever it is, I'm honored it feels safe here, and I hope it stays. I would just love to know exactly what it is. Thanks in advance for any help!

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Need help identifying white-spotted mousy brown, very young bird..

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Nov 14, 2011
I have 2 of them roosting every night at my front door as well.
by: Anonymous

Thanks for posting this, I have 2 of these birds nesting on top of a ladder leaning against the house at my front door every night. They usually sleep side by side and they are very small and almost fuzzy looking with two trail feathers hanging down. They are adorable. I also can't see their heads and they are gone by daylight just as you said. I'm in central Florida and its November, so maybe they are just passing through. Too cute and we won't move the ladder until they stop using it.

Oct 13, 2011
Bewick's wren.
by: Susan

It is a Bewick's wren.

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