Nature lover

by Debbie Bryant
(Cocoa Beach, Fl)

I live in Florida in a small condo complex. We have a lot of trees and open area. I have a Tiki statue on my front landing outside of my screended in pourch. Last year I had 2 nest of Red Bellied baby's. It was such a gift to watch them grow! This year I might have had 2 however the Euorpean Stallings ran them off the first time, the I got a wonderful squirt gun and set for days running them off. It was quite effective. Now I have babys that are about to go. I can't tell you how much enjoyment I have gotten from them! They drilled their own hole and I make sure I'm up by 6 am to feed them and my baby squirrels. Nature is wonderdful!! Nothing could give me this much enjoyment! Always

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Jul 10, 2018
nature lover NEW
by: Anonymous

thank you for sharing

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