My pileated woodPecker

by Judy
(Standish Maine USA)

I live in Maine I saw a woodpecker two weeks ago standing on top of my bird feeders so I went a bought some woodpecker suet that day he comes several times a day. I love this bird I had to look it up to find out if it was male or female it's a male. He seems tame he will sit on top of the feeders and looks around then he eats his hot pepper suet this is the first time I have ever seen a woodpecker up close I had no idea of their beauty ! I'm so happy but I would like to know if the female will come to the suet I don't know how they travel together so I would love to know if a female will come thank you for letting me tell my story Im just amazed I live in Maine and never saw one up close so happy to have him in my yard. Thank

Judy from Maine

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Jun 19, 2013
Woodpecker update NEW
by: Judy from Maine

Hi this is Judy I have sO much to tell you I'll try to keep it short. Both of my Downey woodpeckers found mates and they had their babies in my old trees. I had so much fun looking at the babies looking out of their nest and calling for more food it was a lot of work those parents where at my feeders all day long feeding there young! Now I have lots of babies at my suet feeders. Now my biggest surprise ever. Last year I saw my first woodpecker as I had told you it was a male pileated woodpecker. Well I'm not sure if it him that returned this year but I looked out my window when I heard HOM coming he stood on top or my large pole with the feeders on it and I just froze in amassment he is a giant then a baby of his came to eat that what he was doing he was shoeing him where to eat he just couldn't eat himself as he too large to get on my feeders so I was so happy. A day or so later the mother! My God what a beautiful giant she Is she brought a baby this time! I showed my husband and I wanted a feeder large enough to have them come also so we went to the bird store and bought a large paddle suet holder it very large and hold to suet cakes the handle is long and they rest the bottom of their large bodys on it as they eat I should say she does because I haven't seen the male yet I'm hoping she will bring him it's the best thing I ever bought for my birds until you see the large pileaded eating in your yard you won't believe the size and beauty! I have two parents of
downeys and there babies and I have the pileaded and their parents at my feeders and I just am Amazed I love them all I set on my porch and watch them about 12 ft. or do away from me as they eat and it wonderful! All that I need now is for dad to come back so I'm waiting for mom to bring him.
I tried to make this short but I'm sorry so much to tell you. If you want to attract them you won't be sorry I feel very lucky that they feel safe to bring their young and they come too now I'm waiting for the pileaded dad to come then I'll have it all!
If you have never seen them you won't be sorry the babies are sweet and the parent are wonderful thank you for your time
Judy from Maine

Jul 11, 2012
Update on happy pileated woodpecker
by: Judy

As I had last wrote I wasn't seeing him at the suet and didn't know why but I had a female show up a couple times I believe they have gotten together as he hasn't been around and she shows up once in awhile. I hope he's building their home for their new family. I had read they will bring their young to the suet when their ready to fly so can only wait. I will update if their is something of interest. Thank you.
I do have a great story about my hummers but I need to see if I can put it on this page or start another. Thanks again

Jul 02, 2012
My pileated woodpeckers good news
by: Judy

This morning I was on my porch I look over at the suet and there was a white looking bird on it. The sun was shining on it so I couldn't tell what it was on further inspection it was a female pileated woodpecker. My male woodpecker must be happy although I don't know if they are together yet or not I'm hoping there will be a way to know maybe they will come to suet together or start a nest in my tree he is always around my house so I'm in hopes I will see some kind of indication that they are going to be mates now. One more thing she is much larger that my male as I told you before he is not very big. I'm glad she's here and I hope he will be even happier I will update you thank you for your time. Judy

Jun 18, 2012
Where is my pileated woodpecker
by: Judy

Well I don't know what he's up to. I hear him but he doesn't come to the feeder. I hope he has found a mate and is building a nest! I just have to say I had that woodpecker I saw a few weeks ago come to the feeder I looked it up it's a female downy woodpecker I was worried at first as I didn't know how the other one would act if he showed up and she was at his feeder. I wish I knew if it's too late in the season for my pileated woodpecker to mate or is he just not coming to the feeder for a reason I don't know. Thank you for your time. I am going to look for him when I hear him again as he is on my property a lot and I have seen him in the past but now I hear him but he never comes to the feeder I hope it's for the reason I said that he found a mateI will up date you thank you do much for your time. Judy

Jun 09, 2012
Up date on my pileated woodpecker
by: Anonymous

Hi this is Judy from Maine
Just a small up date on my pileated woodpecker
He gets funnier every day. I put two more suets out
and it has another kind of suet for him so he can choose the hot pepper or another kind. The funniest part is I put one out for cardinals to see if it would bring them to my yard well Mr. Woodpecker just loves the cardinal one. He really makes me laugh every day he let's me know he's coming so I go out to see him. If I don't go he sets on the bird feeder pole and looks at me through the window and calls until I go out then he goes to the other pole where his suets are and eats. I'm still waiting for him to find s mate but I'm sure he's waiting more! If anyone could tell me the answer to this question I have read how large they are he's mot really that big is it because maybe he was born last year and hasn't grown large yet? Thank you for your time hope someone can help with my question

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