My Northern Flicker

by Shae Deschenes
(Strathmore AB Canada)

I just sent you an email for help identifying this bird and after sending it went on another search for it. It was back today and it is definitely a Northern flicker. It has a grey face with brown around the eye and red down its cheeks. When I first saw it I though it was red dots. Got a really good look at its chest which is beige color with black dots. It has a black bib that looks like a black spot cut in half with the rounded part pointing downwards. The back is brown and has black bars on the wings. I looked up the info on what it eats and was surprised to see him here in Strathmore Alberta as it is quite cold.. -17 C. today and it said it loves eating ants and is a ground feeder. It will eat fruit?? (what kind) or some seeds but fairly eats from a bird feeder. I was wondering how the little fellow is getting along food wise. We have canary seeds and some other type we buy from the store but was wondering if I should bet more type of seed which have oiled sunflowers. Heaven knows I won't be able to find any ants at this time of year! What about mealy worms???

Anyway guess you can forget my first email wondering what this bird type was. Would really like an answer about what to do about food for this little guy and as mentioned in my other email my husband saw him and two others approx. 3 days ago. This one is definitely male.
Thanks again and will send a snap if that darn camera of mine will behave and "Pretty Boy" gets a little closer.

Flickers will come to feeders if there is suet in them.

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Jan 31, 2013
The More the Merrier
by: Shae Deschenes

Hi Hons,
Can't thank you enough for your comments. Since my Northern Flicker showed up, right behind him came a large black bird with a beautiful snow white chest from under his chin to his tail. Not to top that, a few hours later along came 3 birds that looked like Blue Jays but not quite. So off to the store I went and dragged home a huge bag of black oiled sunflower seeds (had to have a handsome young man help me put it into my cart) LOL, and also some suet. I think I have the sunflower seeds in the wrong place as none of my birds are going near them. On the other hand the suet if a hit but I have always had suet out anyways, even in the summer. Speaking of which It may not be a good idea to have it out in the summer as perhaps it could go bad...Can someone answer that question for me please. Had one heck of a snow fall last couple of day and it has been wicked cold. Makes one want to pick up knitting needles and start making wooly little coats for the little ones out there.
Anyway thanks again for your help and Happy Bird Watching.

Jan 28, 2013
Flicker food
by: Judy-Seattle

Hi Shae! Like Susan said Flickers love suet cakes. Last week I saw a Flicker on my suet cake (purchased at the grocery store) and also a Hairy Woodpecker and even a Pileated woodpecker.

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