My hummingbird story

One year, looking out our kitcben window we saw a anna,s hummingbird had built a nest in our tangelo tree, about 2-3 feet away. We looked at them every day, seeing them grow, when they got a bigger, they crossed their beaks facing each other. i went out and quickly took some photos. Unfortunately , the camera i was using didnt take closeups and they came out blurry.

One day as i was working in the backyard i heard hummingbirds chitting and looked up. there were two hummingbitds behind me hovering, saying hello!

A long time later, in winter, every mornig there was a hummingbird sitting on a branch of our apricot tree outside his computer room with its feathers fluffed up, probably coming out of torpor. We decided to name it fluffy. it was a a anna,s hummingbird.

Everytime i was working in the garden, when i saw her, I would say hello fluffy. and she would come closer. she wss usually just out of reach, hovering. i wouldn,t move, of course. This went on for years, then she wasn't there one year, and allen,s hummingbirds are here instead. i miss her.

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May 19, 2017
Amazing! NEW
by: Anonymous

What a joy that must have been! I'm sorry for how much you miss them. I feel the same way about "my" catbirds. They used to come to our feeders all the time in our old house. Now, I hear them at the neighbors' a couple houses down, but I can't get them to come to my feeders like my old friends used to. At least I hear some in the new neighborhood, but I miss seeing them.

May 19, 2017
Hummers NEW
by: Beth7Happy

It really is exciting to see birds return year after year! We had this with painted buntings and with the one little female ruby throat. When they don't return, it really is a loss. Hopefully you'll see new ones come and become your new buddies!

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