Ms Dory

I'm on Long Island, NY

The birds I have here are dark colored feathers with orange/rusty colored breasts...and a bright yellow beak and dark heads.
I would love to know what they are

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May 07, 2017
ms dory NEW
by: Brook

hi Ms Dory,

I thinking that you probably know how to ID an American Robin but what you are describing sure sounds like a robin. When the male is in breeding phase his breast is bright red/orange and his beak is bright yellow, he may also appear more black. The females are more dull all around. Robins move in flocks.

Other than this I don't know what they are. the Spotted Towhee has a black beak and spots.

I'm in the Pacific Northwest maybe someone on the east coast might now. Some species could be late in migrating too.

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