Moving a Bird House

by Scott

Question: I just moved into a new home and brought my old bird house with me. Birds had made a nest in it before, and I want to know if I need to take the old nest out before any new birds will move in?

Yes, you should remove the old nest, and clean the birdhouse. Cleanliness is important as like humans, birds can get diseases. They can have parasites, and other infections. You can use vinegar to wash out your birdhouse.

Or there are biodegradable, earth-friendly products that are available for cleaning birdhouses:Bird house cleaners

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May 14, 2018
Moving birdhouse NEW
by: Anonymous

I just bought a birdhouse sat it on the deck rail and in 2 days birds were building a nest. They're not living in it nor are there any eggs yet but my cat is stalking it. I moved it to a smaller portion of the deck rail and placed plants around it so the cat can't get on the rail but when the bird cane with more nesting material it couldn't find it and left. Any suggestions?

Apr 19, 2017
Must Move Occupied Bird House
by: Sad Bird Lover

Regretfully we have to move a small wooden birdhouse nailed to a falling redwood fence due for removal tomorrow. The chicks cry out every time we approach the bird house and we're concerned the mother will abandon her chicks if we move it. No choice --

Timely Suggestions welcome and greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,
Sad Bird Lover

Jul 29, 2015
Moving birdhouse
by: Susan

I don't think at this stage with the fledglings still in it that I would attempt to move it.

Jul 29, 2015
need a quick answer!!!
by: Anonymous

I have a bird house on my elevated deck. House wrens are currently very busy feeding their babies who will soon be ready to leave their home
I fear for their safety when they leave as they will be so out in the open. Would it be a good idea to move their house closer to the wooded area at the back of my property?

Feb 15, 2013
Replacing existing Bird house.
by: Anonymous

We have several rather old bird house installed by the previous owner. They need repair/replacement but we are concerned about the impact. Making the change early in the spring, Feb/Mar seems better but we do not know if this is the best option. Suggestions welcome.
Assistance very welcome.

Jun 11, 2012
Moving a occupied bird house.
by: Anonymous

I want to move an occupied bird house to a branch higher up on the same tree. Will the birds that live in this house be scared off because of the move?

Apr 23, 2011
Replacing old bird hose
by: Anonymous

I wonder if can I replace an old Bird house that is already occupied by wrens? I built myself this new house but I'm afraid that if once I move the existing nest to the new house, birds won't come back.


I wouldn't recommend it. I would wait until the nestlings have left this house and then replace it for the next brood.

May 10, 2010
what if it was occupied
by: Anonymous

There is a bird house next to my house. I want to save the birds in it. They are soon going to burn the property down what do you do in that case?

Do you know if there are eggs yet in the nest? Do you know what kind of bird is using the birdhouse?
Do you know how much time before they burn the property?

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