Mourning Dove seem to have left her nest with eggs unhatched??

We are a bit worried. She laid the eggs in our hanging basket on our back patio. with all the recent pool activity in our yard, they seem to have flown the coop! Is this normal? We are sad that these two little eggs will not hatch??? Is there anything we can do?

I doubt it will make you feel any better, however, Mourning Doves can raise as many as 6 broods of two chicks each during a mating season.
To try to attract the birds back, you might try putting out a shallow basin of water for drinking and bathing. You could put out grit for these birds, as well. Susan

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May 03, 2017
sad NEW
by: bb

This is an update ... both doves have abandoned The Nest they would come back off and on sit on the one egg. Now no doves are in there but the egg is there. Should I remove the egg?? We enjoy the doves want them to come back don't know if they will if that egg is still there. besides it's sad with the egg laying there knowing it's not going to hatch please advise if anybody knows what to do thank you

May 01, 2017
sad NEW
by: bb

Last two years we have had doves nest in our patio umbrella. We even put a board up there to make it easier for them. We just had some real strong winds knock the board and two eggs out onto a chaise lounge. One egg was cracked one was not about 30 minutes later we put the eggs and Nest back up and secured it. We saw the dove take one egg and throw it away assumed it was the cracked one. Will the other one havth?? They are still sitting and changing out. But looks like bringing in more nesting.

Aug 06, 2016
Mourning Doves leave nest with 2 eggs after 1 1/2 weeks NEW
by: Debby

A pair of mourning doves have been faithfully sitting on a nest with two eggs outside my bedroom French doors on a Juliette balcony. I close and draw the drapes and check on them regularly and they just look at me and don't seem worried. Yesterday afternoon my neighbor came over to take a look. She did as I did and just looked for a while and then we sat nearby and talked. When I went up to bed several hours later the birds were gone. It was the first time I'd seen the eggs. The birds are still not here this morning. Is it possible they were fearful of another person being around?

Jul 22, 2013
empty nest NEW
by: Anonymous

after faithfully tending the nest the doves have abandoned it. I have not gone near it and it is in a safe place. I wonder if somehow they knew the eggs were not going to hatch after at least 2 weeks or more. It is too high and I have never looked inside. I am sad.

Jun 22, 2012
Hatched and no parents around??
by: Anonymous

I have two hatched and the parents are no where to be seen..? over 3 days now and nothing?? This is there second set in 3 months and I'm worried they have abandon these two live little babies and they will starve and die of dehydration out here in this summer heat..not sure what I can do...;(

Jun 21, 2012
by: Anonymous

I had two mourning doves in my hanging basket with two eggs. they had been there for about two weeks,when my husband did some work near them including using a vacume. I have only seen one dove for a few minutes since than. It has been 3 days. Will thay come back?

Dec 12, 2011
the mourning doves with total love!
by: Anonymous

mourning doves
having watched the sweet and gentle behaviour of these doves. I
have come to realize the total devotion and respect the parents have towards the eggs they lay in the nest. even if the eggs are not
fertilized the parents fly away and keep returning to the nest. it is now December 12th and the parents of these left eggs have gently over a few days laid 2 or 3 twigs around the eggs.
Now they have day by day gently and respectfully placed autumn leaves around and above their unfertilized eggs.
I wonder if they will continue to try again to lay more eggs here, hoping that this time their newly laid eggs will be truly healthy,
and therefore grow into the beautiful doves they hope for.
I wish them all good luck always, and good health and success
love from one who adores them forever!

Jul 22, 2010
by: Anonymous

The doves will know within 2 days if the egg(s) are fertilized and if they are not they will know and leave. The eggs will not hatch.

Jul 14, 2010
mourning morning doves?
by: robert

I had some morning doves nesting on our porch,the last brood she had died.

Was it becaues of the heat or something else?
Also do they go into mourning becaues she comes back now and than even after I removed the two from the nest?

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