Mourning dove parents abandoned babies?

by Amy

We have a pair of doves who made a nest above our door. The babies were hatched 7 days ago. They were doing fine and growing like crazy all week. Today my daughters noticed the two parent in my driveway and they said it looked like one was hurt. It was flapping its wings but not flying. They said it seemed like the other bird did not want to leave the one that looked hurt. The "hurt" one walked into the street and when a car drove by they both flew into a tree on the other side of the street.

I was out but my girls checked a few times and did not see a parent come back to the nest. Now I am home and I have checked three times between 9-10pm and have not seen an adult bird come back to the nest.

Is this normal? Is there anything I can do to help? We were happy to have watch the babies grow up but now we are nervous they are being abandoned.

Thank you!

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Jun 20, 2017
baby birds NEW
by: roma

i don,t know when you posted this, but the babies ned warmth. so please bring them in, flannel is good for them. cook some wheatena and canned infamil put into the soft part of baby bottle nipple, i cut off the wide part. make sure the food is warm and not too hot. the babies will stick their beaks in the bottle and eat it. please do not substitute other food. place a lamp with an incandescent bulb about a foot away from their nest or box, this will make the air warmer but not too hot. good luck with that. i raised a baby pigeon this way. also, please out out some birdseed that has small light colored seeds or finch food for the adults, if one is hurt they need this too, one adult may feed the other.

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