Mother Has Abandoned Her Nest and Babies

by Georgia

I have a nest that was made by both momma and daddy birds. After the nest was made, only momma stayed behind to lay 3 eggs and watch over the nest, which happens to be right in front of our front door. The nest is high on a pillar. Momma bird has not been seen since last Thursday.

I figured she had abandoned the nest and was going to take the nest and eggs and place them out in the woods. However, when I got the ladder to go up get the nest, I heard chirping!

Two eggs have hatched but only one baby is chirping and crying for food. Mouth is wide open waiting for momma.

What do I do? Leave the nest to see if momma comes back? I haven't touched the nest or eggs, only "looked" into the nest to see if there were eggs. That was a little over a week ago. I live in Crawford County Georgia. Any suggestions?


Although Mother Nature can seem cruel at times, I wouldn't interfere.

For example, possibly a Cowbird could have laid an egg in the nest (which is what cowbirds do) and so the mother has abandoned it. The cowbird chick often starves out the legitimate babies in the nest.
Cruel as it may seem, it is survival of the fittest in the kingdom of birds, and I would leave the nest alone.



I wish it was true that a cowbird had done so. But we know that there weren't any cowbird eggs. All eggs were the same. First chick died, second one was barely hanging on yesterday, also dead now. Third egg still not hatched.
My guess, momma abandoned nest, or something happened to her and she couldn't make it back. She was never out of sight of the nest, and never left unless she was frightened by us.
I've attached some photos. I can't figure out what kind of bird she was. The nest is about 8-10" high. Still have not interfered with it.

Try, everyday, to be the person your dog thinks you are.


Female birds are so much harder to identify. This looks like a Flycatcher's nest. They like to make their nest on ledges and use moss and dried grass. This might be an Eastern Wood-Pewee flycatcher. However, they usually lay 4 to 5 eggs.

I wonder what harm came to the mother. Sad.


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May 15, 2017
We may have an a abandon nest?
by: Anonymous

Hi so about 3weeks,ago there was a nest made by mamma and daddy bird in our back,yard,we have like a gazebo type thing on out deck and the best in like deep,down! But we heard the babies birds all the time but we haven't seen mamma or daddy bird for over a week but another type,bird keeps going to,the nest and the babies don't like it,they get really loud and annoying at time but this bird has it seems,like pieces of the nest in his or her mouth and flys away with in and then, keep coming back for more pieces? I,have touch or Disturbed them in anyway but is there something I can do or call someone bc they get really,loud when this bird,keep,coming back? And I,have not seen,momma bird or daddy bird anywhere for about a week now?

May 10, 2017
Did Mamma House Finch Leave Babies Behind?
by: Anonymous

I was delighted when I saw 6 eggs in my flowerpot, and even more when they hatched I have watched ever since, but I haven't seen the mamma in 3 days.
Did she abandon it?

Jul 08, 2015
so sad
by: debbie

we too got so excited when a dove laid her twoeggs in my bicycle basket. We named her basket and kept an eye on her everyday. Well, into her tenth day of sitting has disappeared.

Jul 07, 2015
robin left two babies behind
by: Anonymous

Robin made a nest. Four hatched half their feathers were grown. We found one had fallen out. Two days later one more took a swan dive and lived he ran before we could put him back. Mother is staying with that one and left two others in nest. She watches the nest but has not returned for many hours with food. The other two may die. Will she feed them?

Jun 25, 2015
Has mother abandoned her nest & babies?
by: Anonymous

I just recently had a set of parent robins hatch 4 babies near our back door. My husband and I have been doing yard work near by and has disrupted their routine for past 2 days, so when I looked up to check on the little ones, no momma bird and the babies looked like they were dying. I got some bottled water and a medicine syringe and dropped a few drops of water into each of their mouths without touching them or the nest. It turns out that one of the parents was watching from a nearby tree and watched me do this. I hope I did not mess things up these little birds.

Jun 02, 2013
by: countryboy

a couple of days ago I found a nest on top of the rv and well it had some baby starlings. I know that because the momma bird. She has been there everyday except today I haven't seen her swince this morning.


Mar 22, 2013
Mother Hummingbird
by: Susan

She has either abandoned the egg or something has happened to her.

Mar 22, 2013
Do you think Mama Hummingbird has abandoned her egg?
by: Anonymous

I have 1 egg in this Hummingbirds nest, the other was taken by a Crow a couple of days ago. Mama has still been taking care of the one egg up until yesterday afternoon. She hasn't come back. Do you think she has abandoned the egg?

Aug 16, 2012
by: chellapermal

16 august 2012

yesturday,a pigeon leaved her nest and chicks at my balkeni now we are getting worried what can happen to the chicks and i am only 11 years old and what can i do to save the chicks.

May 03, 2012
In a similiar predicamint
by: Anonymous

I have a nest outside up high on my porch that had 5 eggs and they just recently hatched and the mother was in the nest faithly every day and today I have noticed she had not been there as often I checked the next without touching or anything and they have all hatched and I could here them faintly chirping. The mother came back a few times with another bird to feed them but its been a few hours since I have seen her and not sure what to do caues I dont want them to die... Any suggestions

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