milk chocolate brown, orange/rust band, tan belly

by jere hershey
(greensboro, nc)

The title provides some description.

Bird was seen in southeaster PA on May 2
Other information: the bird was somewhat smaller than a robin. Entire top of bird was a soft brown color, then a narrow 1/8 to 1/4 inch band of a rust/orange color ran from shoulder to rump, then a light tan underside. The tail feathers appeared to have some white streaks.

It was feeding on the ground under and near some bird feeders. Seemed to be hunting seed pods/shells more than seeds.

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May 09, 2018
milk choclate brown, orange/rust band, tan belly NEW
by: Brook

here is a link to PA Audubon and there are pictures of the various birds included

May 08, 2018
a female towhee NEW
by: Anonymous

That was my first thought. We have them as regular visitors where I live but, as you say, the ones I have seen are darker and have sharper markings.

However, I found a picture of a female and the description of a warm brown color (vs. the male) and softer markings lead me to believe that may have been what I saw.
Thanks for leading me in the right direction.

May 07, 2018
Towhee? NEW
by: Judy-Seattle

Your description sounds a bit like a Towhee. However, they are darker than chocolate brown. But look it up and see if that is your bird?

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