Mama house finch just died - eggs in the nest

(West Linn, OR)

I have a house finch nest that gets used every year. I have never known if it is the same nesting pair or what. Today the mama flew into the window glass and died. With a mirror I can see at least two eggs in the nest. Will the daddy bird take care of them? Is there anything I can or should do? I'm heartsick about it.

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Apr 11, 2014
mama house finch just died-eggsin the nest NEW
by: Brook

If you are up to it you can incubate the eggs our self and then hand feed the nestlings but the best thing to do is to call your local Audubon Society and them if they will take the eggs. OR let nature deal with it.

Be sure to put decals on the window every 4 to 6" so the birds don't fly into it. I bought wall stickies at Dollar Tree for my windows

Apr 10, 2014
What to do now? NEW
by: Peggy

Daddy hasn't come back. So sad. Will the nest be used again if it has bad eggs in it? Should I just remove it in hopes maybe another pair will build again since it's a good spot? Any ideas?

Apr 10, 2014
Nature's order NEW
by: Susan

Sadly, even if the male were to sit on the nest, it would be very difficult for one parent to raise and feed the fledglings.
It is always sad when a bird dies at nesting time, whether the male or female.

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