Mallard ducks

by Fred

I have a pair of Mallard ducks that visit my front porch every night. They seem to be tame. We can walk up to them and feed them and they do not fear us. I live in a wooden subdivision about 300 feet from a creek.

I'm just curious why they have chosen my house to visit? I do have several bird feeders and they visit my sunflower feeder by my front porch. Tonight I had 4 Pileated woodpeckers, Rose-breasted Grosbeak, and the 2 ducks at my feeders at the same time. It was nice to sit on my porch and see all this wildlife at my fingertips? 2 summers ago we had 2 mallard ducks take up residency in my neighbors front yard. they had babies and we got to see them walk off together after they were old enough. Could this be the same mallard ducks?

It is likely the same mallards, or the babies that are now grown. They will return to the same spot year after year.

Our neighbor feeds bread to the mallard ducks,and they walk right up to them and take the bread that they feed them. We tease our neighbors, that we're watching them, in case they lay out breadcrumbs right to their oven door!


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Apr 30, 2016
"My" Ducks! NEW
by: Anonymous

I have now had the same male mallard and what I believe to be the same female return for 4 years in a row to my pool! I know this because my male mallard is tagged! He is very old with very rich colors, fighting scars on his face, broad thick neck and band. I have pics to know he is the same over the years! They have never tried laying eggs but love my daughter, my dog and myself when we go to feed them 1 piece of bread to share! If they are really hungry they will come up to the deck to beg for a treat once they see me through the slider see them, they know it's bread time!!!! But I will let them eat all the bird seed scraps they want!

Apr 05, 2016
Ducks in garden NEW
by: Anonymous

I can understand your frustration and people should be more respectful of your property. I have two ducks that come back every year and they swim and sun around my pool while the winter cover is still on it. I tend to drain that down as late as possible so they will stay longer and swim. I do not feed them but I do have a bird feeder that the birds toss out lots and they have ate that and last year I did put out some cracked corn for them. I have had neighbours from the street behind and down a few houses come up to the house closest on their street and hang over the fence to watch them but nothing like you have. This year my two ducks have only been here a couple of times and do not stay long unless like past years they stay thru the night till the sun comes up. Last year there was an extra male and they fought over my daisy. I actually thought they would drown her as they were very agressive and chased them away. ha. But they kept coming back.

Good luck with your problem and maybe put up a sign that says Please do not walk in the gardens or Keep off type thing.

Apr 05, 2016
Daisy Dylan, Hewey Dewey & Lewey NEW
by: Anonymous

For the past 4 years we've had a couple of ducks fly up from the loch in our village. They sit about our garden walk up and down the cute. The first year it was Daisy & Dylan, then the second year they came back with another 3 young lads, fought like mad all the time over poor wee daisy. This year its only 3 that've come back, think Dylan must be dead but its definitely still daisy and e 2 of the 3 boys from the previous years. We feed them wild bird seed and they forage about eating worms slugs, beetles basically anything they find...the only thing that bugs me is that my bouse is now a visitor attraction. people come up to see them and let their kids run riot in my garden!! They get quite annoyed when I ask them to politely get out my garden! Its ridiculous as there is a loch within 5 mins walk of anywhere in the village full of ducks geese and swans that they could take their children to run about. People are weird...much prefer the ducks.

Apr 03, 2016
Timely arrival NEW
by: Anonymous

We've had a pair of Mallards visiting our yard every day for the past 2 weeks. They were eating the bird seed that fell from our feeders, so we got them some "duck food pellets" (the pellets contain vitamins and minerals... better for the ducks than cracked corn, which is just "filler")

Anyway... "Louie & Dewey" show up every day precisely at 1:00pm for lunch, and they're back again exactly at 5:00pm for dinner. They're never early or late... it's always 1:00 and 5:00pm on the dot!! Any ideas as to how these two have learned to tell time???? Their punctuality is both amazing and hilarious!!!

Jun 04, 2015
Male Mallard Mourning dead Female
by: Anonymous

We just noticed a male mallard standing vigil over his dead female partner on the side of the road. She was clearly run over. Should we remove her body? Will he move on or continue to wait for her return if we remove her body? or Should we just let it be? it's so sad to see him sitting by her lifeless body.

Apr 27, 2015
my Miracle duck
by: Anonymous

All duck lovers, Please pray my miracle duck will return to me.I saw her 3 times but she will not land.what can I do to encourage her to land? I love her and really miss her.I mistook her for another duck,That I took 8 hours away to a rescue.when I realized it, she was already set free.we were really bonded and I would like to have her back, where I know she will be safe. so would you all please pray!Any suggestions would b appreciated!HELP!!thank you all.

Apr 16, 2015
Mallard pair
by: Anonymous

We have a pair of mallard ducks that have come to our backyard to feed this spring. This has happened for the last 3 springs. Can this be the same pair?

Jan 05, 2015
Don't feed Mallards Bread!
by: Anonymous

contrary to common belief, bread is terrible for a duckling or a duck. They do like veggies as long as they are cut up in small pieces. And if you are invested in keeping them really healthy go to your local feed store and get some duck/duckling food. They will really like that. And always have clean fresh water. They need it to swallow their food.

I just lost my precious duck. On Christmas Day of all things. We went away for Christmas with the family and left our pets with the 21 year old neighbor girls, who was familiar with the duck and had watched our cats many times before.
On the day after Christmas I receive a test message to call her. I called and asked really direct questions on what happened. She kept avoiding the actual question. She was crying, wa wa, Her main worries is that "I will hate her"? What. She tells me that she didn't bring him in when she would have like to. I asked her what time. She said 8-09-10 at night. She lied. It turns out she was lying and didn't even check on the duck even once and this was over a day since we left him t turns out that she had just forgot about him. So now we will never know. The best story I have from her now is that the duck is missing. The door was closed the latches were secure. There was no breech in the caging or digging under or over the fence. No signs of a struggle or entrances to get into and then take it out of.
So Hazy must have went Poof. and disappeared.

It has been devastating.
Hazy came to us by accident when she was one week old. She imprinted on my 12 year old little girl. We had made him some serious digs. I made a pond with stone side that drained. I had fresh water pumped in every six hours. He had a big yard he would run around in the day. At night we had a secure enclosure and over night we brought him into his bed in the garage. To keep him safe from foxes and coons.
My daughter would play violin to this duck. It would lean on her leg while she played.
So it gets worse. If anyone wants to hear more. Just respond. I am too sad to do anything else.

Jul 23, 2014
Help! Need to get ducks to fly off.
by: Anonymous

We have six mallard ducklings (6 weeks old) and their momma in our pool. What can we do to encourage them to fly--they've been practicing for a week but no real flight feathers yet. Momma duck flies off two to three times a day. We've been feeding them. When should we cut back? Our pool is a pond...sigh.

Jun 06, 2014
Mallard Female
by: Anonymous

We have a female that lays her eggs in a bush every year where I work.
This year, something happened to her babies, as I found them all this morning with their heads ripped from their bodies, laying outside the nest.
We called the zoo and they told us to remove the dead babies as that is enticing for more predators.
We did that, but she just lays by that nest, and I feel so bad for her.
I know its nature, but sometimes, I really hate nature.

May 19, 2014
Male mallard duck behavior
by: Anonymous

A female 's eggs hatched today, and they are all swimming around in my pool. Suddenly, the male mallard came out of nowhere and started attacking the female while she and the ducklings were in the pool. Is this normal? Is there a reason for this behavior?

Dec 21, 2013
Please DON'T feed ducks bread!!!
by: The duck lady

When you feed ducks bread it can get stuck in their gourd and choke to death. As well there is no nutrients in bread for them. Please feed them cracked corn, vegetable scraps, bird seed or duck pellets.

I started out with a pair of mallards showing up in my front yard everyday because of my bird feeders. That was 4 or 5 years ago, now I have close to 100 everyday through the winter months. I feed them cracked corn, veggie scraps and a little bird seed. It's quite something to see that many land and take flight together and hear the flap of all their wings. It's my favorite time of day when my ducks show up and my neighbours always stop to watch them. I love my ducks.

May 26, 2013
by: Anonymous

I have a mallard under one of my bushes. 1st time in 7years. I really don't want her to return. I don't understand, no pool no water near us. What do I do? I

Apr 29, 2013
Just a Guess
by: Trish

This time of year, I would say your female mallard is near, in some bushes, with her eggs - incubating. They come out, stretch their legs, take a swim, then return to the nest. Dad will keep watch over them and warn when danger lurks. If he is staying there - she is probably close by.

Apr 29, 2013
Just a Guess
by: Trish

This time of year, I would say your female mallard is near, in some bushes, with her eggs - incubating. They come out, stretch their legs, take a swim, then return to the nest. Dad will keep watch over them and warn when danger lurks. If he is staying there - she is probably close by.

Apr 28, 2013
missing female duck
by: Anonymous

For the past few weeks a pair of mallards have been coming to swim in my pool. They seem quite tame because eachtime they come, I feed them and the female will even eat out of my hand. Usually they arrive in the mornings, stay about an hour or two or longer and then take off. The same thing happened in the evening's. Occasionally they will stay the night in my pool. Today only the male duck has come back and just sleeps on the side of my pool and hasn't eaten the food I've given him. What do you think happened to the female?

Jan 28, 2013
Ask for his badge #.
by: Jack and Rocket

Someone in your neighborhood called the Police and he threatened to arrest you for feeding Ducks and Birds because you are causing them not to migrate? Thats insane! One, because he is a police officer, not animal control, fish & game, or a bird expert.
The best reason not to feed Wild Avians is here:

from Ducks Unlimited;=92 :


You are very sweet to want to care for these ducks & little birds. A better way to help them would be, making sure your yard is clear of dangerous debre like small pieces of metal and plastic. Ducks do eat these items not knowing it can poison and kill them.

Please everyone, I have pet ducks, they can't survive without me. It is alot of work to properly care for an animal. Wild ducks not raised by humans can survive without your help. Still your neighbor and that Cop are jerks.

Jack and Rocket's Mom.

Jan 25, 2013
Feeding Ducks
by: Anonymous

I live in California and really enjoyed feeding the dozens on ducks that came on my property. That is until someone called the police. I was told by the officer if I fed the ducks or black birds again I would be arrested. He did agree to allow me to keep feeding my three back yard squirrls. It appears I am preventing them from migrating. Kathy

Nov 25, 2012
Ontario Mallard
by: Anonymous

I want to answer your question about your Lonely Duck. You are getting other paired ducks in your pool, they see safety and food in your area. That is why they like to land there.
The lonely duck and his quacking. One ducks love to talk. He could be trying to atracked a female or steal a girl from one of the pairs. Incase no one knew, ducks are not always loyal. They do change mates. Your lonely male could just be a bachlor, not wanting to settle down.
Ducks love to talk, he could also be talking and trying to let your dogs know he is the boss of the water. They always want to have their area. If he bobs his head up and down, he is definately saying, this is my pool. If you would like him to increase his chances feed him eggs, this will help his feathers to shine that the girls cant resist him. He also may never leave because eggs are delicious! Your choice. :) I hope this helps.

Nov 25, 2012
Devistated Lady
by: Jack and Rocket

I am sorry about your Mallard Family. Ducks start a nest and lay an egg everyday until they feel it is enough. They will stop laying and begin to brood for about 28 days. Are you sure the 28 days did not pass? Shells are eatten by the mom they are yummy to her. And you won't like this but, Sometimes, ducks eat their own eggs. My sweet baby girl has done it. I chase her saying stop! She seems to know who is going to make it and who isn't. But 10 egss is alot! Yet still it is possible. Especially if they felt their area was breached or unsafe. They know they can start a new nest. Other than this icky possibility, I am not sure. I am sorry for your loss. Hopefully they will try again next year.

FYI: Ducks love singing. You might have a voice they find soothing.

Nov 25, 2012
13 ducklings
by: Jack and Rocket

Hi, I am trying to answer some concerns.
I would agree with your husband. They have moved on. Mom will not keep them in the same area as she has learned it is important to migrate. She has alot to teach them before they grow up. Ducklings grow up in four short weeks. If you hear Dad calling, he is keeping everyone safe. The male is the leader, always keeping his eyes open above and on the surface, he is always the last to eat. You will see them again. Mom and Dad know it is a safe place to nest.

Nov 25, 2012
I will try and answer some concerns
by: Jack and Rocket

Lonely Duck:
The mallard duck that sits on the lawn for hours and hours. :) My ducks have thier favorite spots. He could have found a delicious treats there before and is waiting for more. I know my ducks are very motivated by food if they found a snail or juicy worm they will go there every day in hopes there is more.

FOOD! Vegies and Fruit! If you can grow it, they will eat it. Top Favs: Tomatoes, Lettuce, and strawberries. Bugs, snails, worms, and the ladies love egg shells.

Sep 28, 2012
Why do ducks land every day
by: Sarah

Every day two ducks land in my dam

Aug 22, 2012
Pair of Young Mallards
by: Robin

For the past month, I have a pair of mallards that come to visit us. Of course we have been feeding them all sorts of things including bread which I am not longer going to provide this to them. I can actually call the ducks and they make a flight straight to me. Its such a thrill to watch the birds, but.. I noticed on my Facebook we have a HOA and my neighbor made the remark on the 8th, Please do not feed or water wild ducks.
I did not get a call from the neighbor.. its just 2 ducks..

Jul 30, 2012
Lone Susie with 2 Mallard pairs
by: Satsy

We are raising 5 Mallard ducklings since they were 4 days old...2 drakes & 3 Susie's which have now paired up leaving one lone Susie. I place wet poultry grower food, water, cracked corn & several fresh water kiddie pools for them & our 6 buff ducklings. Do I need to find our lone Susie a mate or will Mother Nature take care of the pairing without my intervention (she always does!)?

Just concerned about out lonely girl!

Jul 10, 2012
Lonely Duck
by: Anonymous

There is a duck that for the past week around the same time (8pm) walks from the preserve behind my house, down the sidewalk to the neighbors front lawn across the street. He stays there for hours. My girlfriend came home last night at 130 in the morning and he was still there. He has been doing this for the past week or so. Always by himself and always at the same place in the lawn. Does anyone know why?

May 31, 2012
Where have they gone ?
by: Anonymous

We have a pool in our garden & quite often get Mallards on it,a week ago my husband noticed a female sitting under our lavender bushes by the pool,a male swooped down & they flew off leaving 7 eggs, she cma back later to them ,the same thing happened the next night only there were 10 eggs there now ,this morning when my husband looked the female & the eggs had all gone I have looked & there are no broken shells or anything to say she put up a fight so what happened, Im devastated as I used to talk to her every day & she never made any effort to fly off .

Apr 19, 2012
Mallard, her 13 ducklings and Drake gone overnight
by: Trish

My dog discovered the nest under a bush at our new 3/4 ac lined pond on Mar 11, she was swimming with 13 ducklings on morn of Apr 11. Saw them everyday from Wed til Tues morn and they vanished into thin air. I have seen the drake and heard him several times so they may be near. My husband seems to think they may be on the pond at night or close to it. This is my first go with any ducks so don't know what to think. There are several other ponds in close proximity. Do you think they are visiting other ponds? I took care of her while she was nesting and fed the ducklings starter feed. She was not afraid of me. Let me take some wonderful pics of her little ones! Please help me understand what may've occurred. Thanks.

Mar 26, 2012
lonely mallard
by: Anonymous

Last year I left a comment about a lonely mallard duck in my pool. No one made a comment back and I figured because no one had an answer for me. This year I have had two different pairs in my pool but one pair has left and the other has stayed. They spend most of the day and night here. They were eating my bird seed and so I did buy them some cracked corn. I live in southern Ontario in a city and the birds are all back early this year. The lonely duck comes now and then and he just quacks constantly when he is here. I do not know what to do about any of these birds. I know feeding them will likely keep them here and I do not want to tame them at all as that would be an injustace to them. I just feel sorry for them. They have completely adjusted with my two dogs. Maybe they will just leave when they decide to build a nest because if they are here all day and night they probably do not have one started yet. One male was banded so that is how I could tell the difference and that pair have disappeared. If anyone has any input I would be more then welcome to see that.

Mar 26, 2012
Bread Is Bad For Ducks
by: Susan

You raise a good point. Many people feed white bread to ducks, which really has little nutrition value. It can fatten ducks, making it harder for them to fly. It also increases duck feces.

Much better to feed ducks cracked corn, wheat or birdseed. You can also buy duck pellets at feed stores.

Hope this helps.

Mar 26, 2012
Three Ducks
by: Paul

Having recently moved to this location, we, my daughter, son-in-law, Katie and Andelena, my granddaughters and I, soon discovered that three ducks, a Pecan,and two Mallards, come from across the road, where there's a creek of good size,up to our front porch. They are a bit messy, but we have a hose to wash away messes, and have gotten to enjoy them, we feed them bread, and do they ever enjoy that! But, I'd like to know, for sure, what "Duck food" is best for their health. They are so cute and intelligent. They can see when we open the window blinds in the morning, and soon we hear their quacking and asking, thereby, for food.They even, sometimes, peck at our legs, begging for a hand-out. It's all so interesting. Thank God for wildlife and a home in the country!

May 31, 2011
mallard nest
by: mel

i found a mallard nest in my front yard behind some shubbery. the nest is pretty close to my front door and moma mallard has started leaving "mess" on my front porch/drive way.
any suggestions on how to discourage mallards from coming back after babies are hatched?
advance thanks!

Apr 30, 2011
Lonely Guy Mallard
by: Barbara

I have a lone male mallard duck that has been dropping in to my pool which still has the winter cover on it. He is always alone and leaves if there are sudden noises but the two westies that I have do not seem to bother him. They can not get to the pool as I have a 30" wrought-iron fence alone the edge of the grass. I am wondering why he is always alone. How much water will he need to swim in because my son-in-law pumped most of the water off today but there is still a good 4 to 5 inches on the pool cover. I have put out some corn but I do not know who took it as he does not seem to be interested. Having one duck in my pool does not bother me as he only comes early morning and after 7 in the evening. Does anyone have any answers for me.

Jul 27, 2010
Baby Ducks in July?
by: Anonymous

Hi Susan,

The female mallard came back last night alone again. Do you think she has baby ducks this late in July? She stayed about an hour and a half and ate a lot of corn. I have to go to the Ohio State Fair this friday and saturday and I'm afraid to leave because of her returning to get her food and water?
What do you think?

She will be fine. She's wild and your departure for the weekend will be like water on a duck's back.

It is late for babies, however Mallard eggs are incubated for 27 to 28 days. I have new baby ducks swimming in front of my house right now with their mother.


Jul 26, 2010
No male
by: Anonymous

Hi Susan,
my female duck returns nightly but no male? She stays just a short time and seems to be nervous and does not enjoy her stay as when her mate was with her. Its been 5 days now and no male but the female returns like clockwork right around 6pm. I put out a bowl of water and corn and we feed her bread. Its neat to be sitting there on my front porch and see her land in front of me within 10 feet. Do you think her mate has been killed?

She may be nervous because she has left her nearby nest, momentarily. After the female has incubated her 8 to 12 eggs, the male deserts her, and whiles away the summer elsewhere. The babies follow their mother to water as soon as they are strong enough to walk.

So she may be worrying about her babies - not her mate - who is out with the boys.

Jul 25, 2010
Female Mallard
by: Anonymous

I have a pair of mallards that visit my front door nightly for the past month today she came but not the male? What do you think happened to the male? he was always by her side and always stood beside her and he would watch for her while she ate and took a bath at my front door. they would stay any wheres from 1 to 3 and half hours. Once I put out a trash can lid filled with water and she loved it and they both drank from it and bathed themselves. He always made sure she ate first and got her bath before he would partake in either. What a good spouse he was. We feed them bread and corn and they love it. I fear that something has happened to him? What do you think? Maybe Im just being a concerned parent?


Let's see what happens tomorrow. Keep us posted if he shows up.

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