Mallard Duck question

by Shelly
(Annapolis, MD)

Hi...hoping someone can answer this question. We live on the Chesapeake Bay, and one day in June, an adorable pair of Mallard ducks came to visit. After researching, found out the best food to give them was cracked corn, so we started leaving the corn out near the bird feeders. After finding the corn, they began visiting every day, sometimes staying for hours. They would eat, go swim, take naps on the lawn or dock and eat again. They were with us every day and we really enjoyed having them here. Unfortunately, we had to go out of town for 5 days the beginning of July. We saw them the day we left---July 8th---and left them food and water. We returned Monday, (12th), and haven't seen our darling ducks since. During the time we were gone, there was a heat wave the 90's, and it finally cooled down just recently. Have continued to put food and water out for them every day, but no sign of them. Any idea where they could have gone and if they might return some day? Thanks!!

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Jul 19, 2011
Mallard Ducks
by: Barbara

We live near the ocean and a bay - every year since we've lived here, a mallard couple shows up, usually around Easter time. We feed them bread and give them water. I'm assuming they have a nest by the bay. This has been happening for 7 years in a row...they even peck on our back door, run up to us when we pull in the driveway, and frankly have gotten pretty used to it here at "Duck Med". Our neighbors have even been leaving them food. Every year they usually are gone by the end of June, but it's July 19 and they're still here. COULD IT POSSIBLY BE THE SAME TWO DUCKS WHO COME EACH YEAR?IF NOT, WHY DO THESE DUCKS HEAD FOR OUR HOUSE? We're not on the water and and they don't go to anyone elses house, just ours. Very strange, but I assume either the male or the female is the same duck each year. Can anyone help me out as why this happens?

Aug 13, 2010
Re: Mallards
by: Shelly

Love Ohio...born and lived there up until just the last couple of years. Is it possible that the female duck went off to hatch her eggs somewhere close by? Where do they build their nests and go at night? A couple of weeks before the mallard duck pair disappeared, 2 other male ducks were fighting over her. Our male duck stayed right by her side and protected her every time the other 2 approached her. This happened quite a few times, and then everything settled down with just the two of them for awhile before we left. Is it possible the female duck is taking care of her babies and may come back?

Aug 11, 2010
Re: Mallards
by: Shelly

Meredith, thanks for your comments. You mentioned you have seen new ducks there who might be migrating north due to the heat. That may be what happened to our ducks because we had not been feeding them that long. Re: the ducks that you have been feeding year round: have any of them ever left for a period of time and then returned? Thanks!

Aug 11, 2010
Exact same scenerio
by: Anonymous

Im from Ohio and I too had that same thing happen with a pair of Mallard ducks. I left to go to Ohio state faie just 2 days and had someone feed the ducks and water them while I was gone . When I returned Aug 2 they were gone and I havent seen them?

Aug 03, 2010
by: Meredith E. Going Sr.

I live on a lake in Charleston, SC and it has been over 90 (closer too 100) nearly every day for 2 months and will be very hot til the end of September. We have mallards that stay year round and we feed corn & bread every day. We have seen a few new ones in the past week, so they may be migrating north.

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