M Harroun

by Mary
(Flint Township, MI)

We have a bird about the size of a cardinal coming to our feeder. It feeds on the fallen seeds under the feeder. It is gray/brown in color. The beak is also brown. It also has a top knot like a cardinal. It is a uniform color the best we can tell. There are no accent colors We do not have a picture. It keeps flying away when it sees us move. It has been around the last couple of days.

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Sep 01, 2017
m harruon NEW
by: Brook


Individual birds within a species vary greatly in color. Without a picture, your description sounds like you have a visiting juvenile or an immature Cardinal. If it is a bird that was hatched this Spring it may be too young to tell the difference between the two sexes.

Pictures are a sure fire ID, but I hope this helps. You can always ask your nearest Audubon Society about bird questions too.

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