Looks like a robin but totally grey

Has landed twice last week in the lilac tree just outside my office. It was no more than three feet from me. Body size, beak and tail very similar to a robin but was totally grey. Darker on upper body and lighter grey on belly.

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Mar 13, 2018
grey bird size of a robin NEW
by: Anonymous

I checked out pictures of both the male and female northern parula. Thank you, but it is not the grey bird I saw.
The northern parula, both genders, have some yellow on them and the bird I saw did not.

Mar 09, 2018
looks like a gray robin NEW
by: roma.

hi again, i just got the audobon,s wester field guide which a few days ago that shows ranges for a bird for the us an
d canada. i think i have your little bird, it probably was a northen parula, which breed in your area, and likes to breed around water.

you pro
bably saw the female, cking you out because you were near her nest. at first, i think she tried to mib you then decided you were ok. let me know if this is right..

Mar 08, 2018
looks NEW
by: roma

hi, i,ve not given up although i live on the west cosst, do you think it could have been an esstern phoebe? or a mockingbird?

Jan 29, 2018
grey jays
by: roma..

am i talking ti two people or one? these are very different descrptions.

for the little one, could be a warbler or vireo.

Oct 16, 2017
by: Anonymous

Thank you, but no, it is not a grey jay. We have lots of those.

Oct 15, 2017
What kind of bird is this?
by: Anonymous

At Ceasar's Creek on a trail in a wooded area near the water as my Grand daughter and I sat on a bench, a small gray/brown bird landed on a fence 3 feet in front of us, then he flew to a bush 2 feet on one side then on the other side, then in back of us. He flitted back and forth around us looking directly at us. We were sitting close to each other and the little bird began to fly between us, then fly toward us and hover for several seconds right in front of us. He would fly so close to our faces we would cringe thinking he was going to hit us, then he would dart up or around us. Then he landed on my grand daughters head, cocking his head and looking at me. He flew so close to our faces we could feel the flutter of his wings. His head was round and looked like gray suede, there was no circle around his eyes, his beak was black. There was a little patch of pale yellow on his lower throat and chest. His wings and tail had what appeared to be little while stripes against more brown than gray. This sweet little bird continued to entertain us for about 15 minutes....until some hikers came along the trail....he flew away and we didn't see him again. Can you tell me what kind of bird this might have been.....I have looked at bird pictures but have found nothing that looks like the bird we saw. He was a "round" bird.

Sep 15, 2017
looks like a gray robin
by: roma

it might be a grey jay, also known as a canada jay.
i live in southern california and not too familiar
with eastern birds, but this one seems close. they eat all sorts of stuff, omniverous, like crows.

Sep 13, 2017
Totally grey
by: Anonymous

It's not a catbird or a mockingbird.
I live in Quebec Canada.

Sep 12, 2017
totally gray robin
by: roma

could you give some more information where you live?
mockingbirds and catbirds are gray, as is townsend,s solitare that lives in the west.

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