Looking for positive ID of this baby bird

by Carmi
(Ceres Boland Western Cape)

Found this one in Popler tree, there were two chicks but one died due to fall. Chick is same size as dove chick but has bright orange pen feathers sprouting on wings & chest. Toes are not webbed, long dainty little toes/feet. He is not very vocal, makes soft chee-chee-chee sounds only when wanting to eat. Presents wide open gaped mouth solid yellow colour on inside, standing up on legs while doing so. The nest is beautifully built very sturdy and solid,consisting of dried matter. No mud present. It kinda looks like this chick is awkward in his nest - size wise.. making me wonder if it could be a brood parasite??

Any ideas on which specie I'm dealing with? Thinking its a passerine... *apologies for low quality photos*
Was found in Tulbagh, Boland Western Cape SA

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Dec 02, 2017
looking for positive id of this baby bird NEW
by: Brook

Hi, it's Brook again and I apologize for my previous answer, it was offered to quickly/

It seems you don't have a species related to the American Robin in your area of our world.

But I hope I now found your bird. It could possibly be a robin chat or a rufus-sided weaver. Does this fella look familiar?

https://youtu.be/bKmmw0gn-KA (video of a "Cape Robin-chat" nesting)


https://youtu.be/MeF8x7rHagA (video of the "familiar chat"

I hope this helps, it's all I can do

Dec 02, 2017
looking for positive I of this baby bird NEW
by: Brook

Hi, I live in the USA in the state of Oregon but this bird looks extremely similar too our native American Robin. The description you gave, right up to it's chee-chee, it's yellow mouth, the orange coloring, and the way you say it stands up for food. Our robins feed their young worms, does this little one eat worms or something similar? Even the nest is built similarly to the American Robin.

I would think that you would have a similar bird there, I know other parts of the world do have a variation of our robin. But as far as a positive ID for the exact species I can't tell you. However I DO NOT believe it is a parasite.

YOu said something about a fall. If the next fell out of a tree, the best thing you can do is to put it in back up as far as you can in the tree but away from predators. The parents will be looking for it and will come back even if you've been caring for it for a while.

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