Little black bird

by Heather
(Simi Valley CA)

Little black bird with a white chest that makes a trip sound

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Apr 13, 2017
little black bird NEW
by: Brook

Hi Heather,
I'm afraid it would be impossible to ID your little bird without more info. Here are some questions that might help us identify it. There aren't very many birds that are black or black and white without other markings.

1. Compared to a robin, how big was it?
2. was it sitting on a branch while it was making it's noise, on the ground, or where?
3. was it looking for food on the in grass and if so was it digging? In the dirt, or in a hanging feeder?
4. how long was it's beak?
5. were there any other markings?

Any answer would help, you don't need to answer them all

Apr 10, 2017

by: Susan


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