Can you help me identify a bird I saw last week that I've not seen before? It was eating berries in a dogwood tree in North Central Washington state. It was a little bigger than a robin and had a long pointed beak and a wide flat tail. It appeared to be a uniform gray until it took flight revealing the underside of it's wings and tail, which were dark red. I couldn't find it in my bird books. Anyone?

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Jan 17, 2018
linda NEW
by: Brook

Hi Linda,

I fairly certain you saw a gray catbird. here are some reputable links so you can look at it yourself:

keep in mind that birds vary in color shades too

A picture of a gray -catbird with a berry in it's mouth

If I am wrong, you can search "google" for a bird too. Just enter the information that you have, or you can search for, "birds of central WA"

Jan 14, 2018
berry bird
by: roma

thanks linda for the info, i think it may be a bohemian waxwing but you could also check the cedar waxwing. these birds eat berries in the winter,flying insects in the summer, the bohemian waxwing has red on it,s wings and under it,s tail. if this isn,t it, please let me know.

just hit the comment section, and you can post your message.

or if it is, let me know. many times i,ve guessed but never know if i,m right.

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