Large yellow bird comes to hummingbird feeder

by Katherine Cook
(Unincorporated Sebastopol)


This morning standing in my kitchen where I like to observe the hummingbirds, a bird I could not identify tried in vain to get food from my hummingbird feeder. I am not highly knowledgable of our local birds but this one is not one I have never seen before. It was a dusty yellow bird, narrow sleek in form, approximately 7" long with a long thin black beak. The bird did manage to hold onto the feeder inspire of it's large size and try to get it's beak into the holes of the feeder. It wasn't all yellow but dusty beige tinged yellow. It seemed too large and the wrong shape to be a domestic canary. Anyone know what this bird could have been?

Thank you,
Katherine in west Sonoma county close to Occidental

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Apr 10, 2017
large yellow bird comes to hummingbird feeder NEW
by: Brook

Hi Katherine,
Hopefully someone will give you a definitive answer but I will tell you that you that you are located in the Pacific Flyway and some birds have begun to migrate north already. Thiscornea would explain why you have never seen it.

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