large group of birds in South Louisiana (New Orleans area)

by Connie
(Metairie, LA 70001)

There were hundreds of the same specie of birds on our very large lawn earlier today looked to be feeding. They have varied brownish wings and back but black with white dots on the belly. What are they?

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Aug 23, 2016
Not a good bird ? NEW
by: Margaret Mariam

While starlings may be invasive, and unprotected by American laws protecting wildlife, they are not a bad bird. There is no such thing as a bad bird. I am not naive about their intelligence. They removed the soffit/vent covers on my house and made nests inside. And I had to change some of my feeders, to "encourage" them to dine elsewhere. But if their flocks were smaller or more uncommon, they would be beautiful birds to have in your gardens and at your feeders.

Does their more subtle coloring diminish their personalities ? Like pigeons,they are too common to be appreciated by most people. But,in my humble opinion, that does not make them "bad" birds.

Aug 23, 2016
Migrating birds NEW
by: Anonymous

There are millions and millions of birds that migrate this time of year. One that I am familiar with are European Starlings. They gather this time of year in what are referred to as roosts. These gathering places are all over the U.S. Right now, they have a large roost about 15 miles from me located right behind a Walmart store. These birds along with Purple Martins and Common Grackles form groups and migrate together. This gathering place or roost, usually lasts for about 6 weeks but groups are forming every day and leaving and flying south. Some birds actually stop and spend the winter in Florida and along the gulf coast while others, like the Purple Martins cross the gulf, stopping to rest in the Yucatan and then moving on to Brazil for the winter. It is not at all unusual to see the Starlings landing in yards by the hundreds or thousands. Usually they will spend the nights in the trees though. It would be highly unusual to find the Martins on your lawn. They eat and drink while flying and then they roost in trees. Landing in people yards in groups is not their bag. European Starling Males are Black with white specks on their chests and the females are brown. Here in Missouri, we have bluebird houses and purple martin houses for their colonies. The starlings were brought here from Europe. They are not native birds and are extremely harmful to our native birds. They will peck our bluebird, martin and woodpecker adults, eggs and babies to death if they can get to them and they compete for all their nests and prevent lots of native birds from nesting or surviving. They are not a good bird and belong in Europe and we would rather they would go back there and stay but they'll be back next spring with a vengence. So, I would say that you have seen a large group of Starlings. Look them up on the Net. There are thousands of Pic's.

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