Large Brown Hummingbirds?

by William
(Saint Paul, MN)

I feed hummingbirds and thought I had a group of immature Humingbirds. However, they are slightly larger than a Ruby Throated Hummingbird (3.5 inches max total length), totally brown (milk chocolate color/medium brown), no markings at all. Beak is very much like a Hummingbird, tail is shaped more like a Chickodee (very narrow about 1/3 of total bird length). I thought it may be in the Nuthatch family, it is too small and tail is too narrow. It flits in and out of my low bushes and I got a good look at it when it came to rest on the arm of a lawn chair. It sat there for quite some time making a raspy or clicking sound (rapid clicks). Flight is hard to follow, much like a Nuthatch. Cannot find it in my bird books, can anyone help? So far no picture, saw for first time this week.

Some day-flying sphinx moths resemble hummingbirds and people often mistake them for hummers. We have them in the evenings, when they feed on the honeysuckle. My husband insists they are hummers...but they're not. From your description that might be who is visiting you.
Does it resemble this at all?
Hummingbird moth

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Large Brown Hummingbirds?

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Oct 02, 2010
brown hummingbird????
by: Anonymous

Its the first week of October and most of our ruby throated hummers are gone for the season because of the cool snap we just experienced. I usually leave my feeder out though for a couple of weeks to help any of those migrating from more northern areas passing through here. Today I caught a glimpse of a hummer I have never seen before and I cant find it listed among hummingbird varieties. It had a black throat and a beige or brown back and was 1/3 larger than the ruby throats. It came into my feeder and left in a flash, so I only got a glimpse of it. Anyone have any idea what type it was?

Sherry, Mt. Home, Arkansas

Jul 13, 2010
House Wren?
by: Anonymous

Could it be House Wrens? They are brown but light on the underside, and do go in and out of the low bushes a lot. They will also sit and chatter for a long time.

Jul 12, 2010
Count the number of legs!
by: Anonymous

The tomato horn worm morphs into a hummingbird like creature. They look and act much like a hummer, but are an insect.
Additionally they are quite friendly and will come and gather nectar from flowers held in your hand (they seem to love four 'o clock blossoms)...

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