Large Brown Hummingbirds?

by William
(Saint Paul, MN)

I feed hummingbirds and thought I had a group of immature Humingbirds. However, they are slightly larger than a Ruby Throated Hummingbird (3.5 inches max total length), totally brown (milk chocolate color/medium brown), no markings at all. Beak is very much like a Hummingbird, tail is shaped more like a Chickodee (very narrow about 1/3 of total bird length). I thought it may be in the Nuthatch family, it is too small and tail is too narrow. It flits in and out of my low bushes and I got a good look at it when it came to rest on the arm of a lawn chair. It sat there for quite some time making a raspy or clicking sound (rapid clicks). Flight is hard to follow, much like a Nuthatch. Cannot find it in my bird books, can anyone help? So far no picture, saw for first time this week.

Some day-flying sphinx moths resemble hummingbirds and people often mistake them for hummers. We have them in the evenings, when they feed on the honeysuckle. My husband insists they are hummers...but they're not. From your description that might be who is visiting you.
Does it resemble this at all?
Hummingbird moth

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Jul 23, 2018
Got it NEW
by: Anonymous

I see them all the time. They are rufous tailed hummingbirds. They are fairly large too.

Jun 11, 2018
I have black and brown humming birds NEW
by: Anonymous

I have black and brown hummingbirds anybody know what they are.

Jun 01, 2018
Saw A Brown Hummer This AM NEW
by: Jeml

I saw a largish dull brownish-beige hummingbird this morning at one of my feeders in Central Virginia. It's stomach was lighter than its back. It was about 10 feet away and both I and my husband saw it very clearly. A small green ruby throated male was at a nearby feeder and quite iridescent so it was not a peculiar play of the light. This brown hummingbird seemed to be about 30-40% larger than the ruby throated one and had no distinguishing markings. It was definitely a hummingbird--not a moth nor a wren nor a nuthatch nor a chickadee. Clearly it was a hummingbird, but its coloration was unlike those we see daily.

Apr 18, 2018
my hummingbirds..
by: Anonymous

Homeland Ca 92548... for years I have tiny brown hummingbirds.. not moths.. birds... all year I have a few... 3 or 4... starting last week, second week of April, more started coming...there are 9 out there now.. they like the feeders where they can perch.. not hover... they go thru 10# of sugar every three weeks... I keep two feeders out for them.. I have never had a colorful one in 13 years.. just these small brown ones...

Aug 29, 2016
brown larger hummingbird what is it?
by: Anonymous

Saw one this morning....came 4x so far
definitely not a moth
what is it

Sep 08, 2015
large brown hummingbird
by: Anonymous

I saw one two years ago in orlando, fl. It was size of a sparrow. It was two feet away from me, and definitely a hummingbird. It was eating from a orange firebush in my backyard

Sep 05, 2015
brown hummingbird
by: liz

It was not a moth! No way, no how. Cumberland Md. West of Baltimore. The hummingbird was in my hibiscus bush as I was cutting flowers early a.m. It flew all around me so close it actually touched my hair. Quick darting movements.I have searched every site on net. Around 4 inches in length. It was different browns almost a dusty fawn color. So close, flitting, and hovering then just darted off. I'm very curious as to what species it may have been. Please don't reply with its a moth...

May 31, 2014
large brown hummer
by: Anonymous

Graham, Washington.May2014 We have several varieties of humming birds. I have twice seen a LARGE plain brown colored humming bird this week as large as a chick a dee! It moves fast and eats from all the tubular flowers and hovers in mid air. I have never seen such a large and plain humming bird. I have looked online for any to resemble, but I cannot find one that fits that color description. Anyone else seeing this variety?

Aug 22, 2013
Brown Hummer
by: Tom

I don't know what kind of hummingbird you seen but I have seen one too. I seen mine in Damon, Tx. I know it is a Hummer because it perched on my feeder as I watched it. She may have been a female as the color was a light reddish brown all over. Nothing fancy, she was about the size of a Chick-a-dee. I have looked on line and can find no references to a Hummer that resembles this. Where is the camera when you need it? I know for certain that it was not a moth.

Oct 02, 2010
brown hummingbird????
by: Anonymous

Its the first week of October and most of our ruby throated hummers are gone for the season because of the cool snap we just experienced. I usually leave my feeder out though for a couple of weeks to help any of those migrating from more northern areas passing through here. Today I caught a glimpse of a hummer I have never seen before and I cant find it listed among hummingbird varieties. It had a black throat and a beige or brown back and was 1/3 larger than the ruby throats. It came into my feeder and left in a flash, so I only got a glimpse of it. Anyone have any idea what type it was?

Sherry, Mt. Home, Arkansas

Jul 13, 2010
House Wren?
by: Anonymous

Could it be House Wrens? They are brown but light on the underside, and do go in and out of the low bushes a lot. They will also sit and chatter for a long time.

Jul 12, 2010
Count the number of legs!
by: Anonymous

The tomato horn worm morphs into a hummingbird like creature. They look and act much like a hummer, but are an insect.
Additionally they are quite friendly and will come and gather nectar from flowers held in your hand (they seem to love four 'o clock blossoms)...

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