I'm looking to find the breed of this bird. Wee little honey eater bird but a fatty in comparison to overall size. Brisbane north side.

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Feb 23, 2018
Jack NEW
by: Brook

Hi Jack,

I believe this is a female Fuscous Honeyeater, but I live in Oregon, USA.
The male is more colorful and looks to have more green or even yellow during breeding season, but search for "pictures of female fuscous
you will have to copy and paste this link:


Maybe someone who is familiar with your area can give you a better ID but look at the pics and see what you think. I hope you find this to be your bird.

Feb 22, 2018
Cutie! NEW
by: Pam P

I've never seen a bird like that but it is so cute! It doesn't even look real. Good picture too! I'm taking it that isn't in the USA?

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