Is this a grouse?

by Joel
(San Francisco, CA)

This bird has been hanging out in our backyard for a couple of months. I think it is a female grouse. Am I correct?

The backyard is in San Francisco. Yes, IN San Francisco, Nob Hill to be precise. Would this be the first grouse living in Nob Hill? If so, I will start to charge her rent!


The tail looks too long for a grouse. If I saw this bird in my backyard (which has much cheaper rent than Nob Hill) I would say it is a female ring-necked pheasant. If there was a male hiding out somewhere, you would hear his unique, unmistakable call. I'm sure our readers can help.

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Mar 25, 2011
maybe we're neighbors
by: party pablo

For the past week I have had a similar bird hanging out in my backyard. It comes almost every other day and spends most of the day digging around in my yard. I am also on Nob Hill.

Mar 15, 2011
Female Ring-necked Pheasant
by: Jason

I have to agree with Susan this appears to me to be a female ring-necked pheasant. The black spots on the back combined with the mottled brown color and the size you mention were my determining factors. I hope you get some more photos and maybe one of a male they are quite beautiful.

Mar 08, 2011
Trying to get another photo.
by: Joel

Do not think it was a dove. The bird was much larger than a dove. Probably over a foot plus long. I will try to get another picture of it, but I have not seen in for a few days.

It may be a pheasant that got loose from a Chinese household that was going to cook it. They sometimes get live birds and then eat them for certain holidays. We are just a few blocks from Chinatown.

Mar 05, 2011
Looking at the Bill...
by: Amy M.

Hi! Looking at the bill of this bird, it looks to me like a spotted dove, but your area is north of where it usually is found. Carefully look at the shape of the bill, the color of the bird and the shape of the tail. It's a little hard to make a positive ID from the picture, but the bill seems too long and pointed to be either of the other birds mentioned. He/she is very cute! :)

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