Is this a finch?

by Michele

This little guy flew into my window this morning. I picked him up and brought him in. He seems to be resting and is looking much better than earlier. I've taken him outside twice to let him go, but he doesn't seem to be ready. Is this a finch? He's mostly black with orange on his wings, tail & chest. He has a black beak. What would I feed him? I gave him some more water & he seemed eager to drink it.

I believe that is an American Redstart. He is a member of the warbler family. This exquisite little bird is the most exquisite and the liveliest of birds, as they dart hither and thither and spin about in the air, catching insects chiefly on the wing. His color scheme resembles the Baltimore Oriole's, but he is much smaller - about an inch shorter than the sparrow. In Cuba the redstart is known as "El Candelita" - the little candle fame that flashes in the deep, dark, tropical forests. He loves to eat insects - if you can find him some. Give him some water and hopefully he will soon recover and fly away.

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May 10, 2011
Rescued Bird
by: Michele

Thanks for your information! A few minutes ago he jumped out of the box I had him in and sat on the edge of it. I decided he must be ready to go, so I took him outside and after a couple minutes he flew off! My good deed for today!

Thanks again and this is a great website!

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