Interesting bird maybe 10-12 lbs

by Charlene
(Redwood City, CA)

I've seen this bird perch on the tree outside of my office building. He sits on the branch for at least 30 minutes at a time. He doesn't do much, but grooms himself every now and then. My co-worker noticed that he has a long yellow feather on his head. For the most part, he has black wings with a light gray belly. He stands about 12" tall. Any idea what type of bird he is?

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Apr 13, 2017
interesting bird maybe 10-12 lbs
by: Brook

Hi Charlene, This is definitely a heron and as much as I can find it seems to be a yellow-crowned night heron. It is way out of it's normal range but this isn't that unusual now, due to the climate/weather patterns changing so drastically

Apr 08, 2017
Only 12 inches tall ?
by: Margaret Mariam

Have you seen him on the ground ? He looks bigger than 12 inches in your photo. I'm guessing he is heron or crane; but I don't know specific kinds of either bird very well.

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