Injured mourning dove - need help locating a sanctuary

by Cathy
(Williamstown WV)

We live in WV and had a rather horrific event happen last week. We have an enclosed/screened-in back porch that opens onto an open back deck. Since it's winter, we leave the door ajar for our dog to go out and do his business so we don't have to venture out to let him in & out. We sometimes get birds that come into the porch thru the open door so we just direct them back out. Well, I opened the sliding door to let the dog out and there was a black bird inside flitting around the screen and a hawk on the outside by the same screen, like they were trying to fight. The hawk took off. Then I saw a mourning dove under the table with a head wound. I cornered the black bird and picked him up and let him back out since he wasn't injured. I closed the outer door and let my hubby know we had an injured dove. When he got home, he got his gloves and caught him and we put him in our dog's roomy collapsible cage with towels, food and water. He was active and flying around while trying to catch him. We didn't want to leave him outside in the cold because of his wound. He's eating and drinking and seems content while healing. His left eye is an issue. We can't tell if it's gone or swollen or what. The top of his head is flatter because of whatever that hawk tried to do to him so he lost some feathers. We can't find any rehab places or sanctuaries in WV. He is active - twice a day he'll flit around in the cage, usually in the morning and then in the evening. He looks to be a younger one. We know he won't survive in the snow and wild with one eye (if that's indeed the case) and we don't mind caring for him while he gets better. Do you know of anywhere that we can take him so that he can be in his environment again without predators? We live in Williamstown WV which is on the border of Ohio by Marietta, just for reference as far as driving/distance.

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Feb 04, 2014
Actively looking NEW
by: Cathy

I've contacted a couple places I've found in OH and haven't heard back yet. In reading some descriptions of these 'sanctuaries', they're only interested in unique birds, not injured. But I continue to look. As I said, he's a lively fella that eats and drinks and flaps around. We've even played mourning dove calls for him and he turns his head. I might even call my vet to see if they know of anywhere.

Feb 04, 2014
injured mourning dove-need help locating a sanctuary NEW
by: Brook

You need to get your dove to the nearest Audubon ASAP, birds don't survive long after most injuries. Pacific Northwest

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