Indiana Pileated woodpeckers

by Tracey Norman
(Geist Lake, Indianapolis IN)

We live right on the edge of Geist Lake in north central Indianapolis. A week or so ago, I was upstairs when I saw something rather large land on a tree in the back yard. It had a bright red head. We have seen many other species of woodpeckers in the yard: hairy, downy, red bellied. However, I had never seen a pileated woodpecker. It was in the tree, pecking and making a large round hole. It continued this for several minutes so I ran downstairs to get my binoculars. It was still there when I returned so I just watched it until it flew to another tree and then out of my sight.

This morning my husband was up before me and he witnessed two pileated woodpeckers on our suet feeder. This feeder is just a normal sized suet feeder with peanut and berry suet bars.
I went out today and purchased a pileated suet feeder, one with a longer bottom piece to help them to balance with their larger tail feathers. I also bought several different types of suet, based on the recommendation of the clerk at Wild Birds Unlimited. I bought a peanut cake, a berry cake, and also a peanut cake with pieces of insects. The pileated woodpeckers have not been back yet, since I put the new feeder up, but the other smaller woodpeckers are enjoying it in the meantime.
We are eagerly awaiting the return of our pileated woodpecker pair!

Wonderful photo! More ideas for suet feeders. Susan

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Jan 13, 2018
Beautiful male pileated woodpecker NEW
by: Mike

I live just north of Upland, Indiana which is in northeast Indiana. Before now, I had only seen one pileated in this area several years ago. I have seen this male eating our suet four times the last wk. I hope he stays. I love him and his noisy woodpecking sound. You know when he is there. He feeds about 10:30 am and 4:00pm.

Jun 14, 2016
Humming bird feeder woodpecker NEW
by: Carol.

I have noticed a small black and white woodpecker in the neighborhood for a couple of years now. This guy does not act as I think woodpeckers should act. Early this spring, I put out a generic feeder and filled it with a specialty feed that included dried fruit and nuts. Within a few days,the woodpecker was joining the other birds and frequently eating. A couple of weeks ago I changed hummingbird feeders. This one has a straight perch that is mounted slightly further out than on the old feeder. The woodpecker hangs onto the brick and mortar of thr house for a few minutes and then hops to the feeder where he balances on one foot while he takes several drinks from the humming bird nectar.

Feb 15, 2016
Pileated Woodpecker NEW
by: Anonymous

Just had a beautiful pileated woodpecker enjoy our suet in the backyard. We live on the northeast side of Indianapolis in a rather wooded area. The woodpecker was happily feeding but flew off when one of our frisky backyard squirrels ran below the feeder to catch any droppings. Happily, the woodpecker returned a few minutes later. This was the first time to see a pileated woodpecker although we have several smaller woodpeckers visit our feeders on a daily basis.

Jan 27, 2013
pilated woodpeckers suet cakes NEW
by: sherry

I have found that the red pepper suet cakes are the favorite of these woodpeckers. I have a male and a female that are at my feeder daily. I found these suet cakes at edgewood seed and seed. They are very particular about the kind of suet vcakes you use. Try these and enjoy these beautiful birds.

Feb 17, 2011
Pileated woodpeckers feeding times
by: Anonymous

Hi a great post. My pileated woodpecker feed at my pileated birds unlimited recycled feeder, at 8a,930a, 1230p and 4pm this winter. I'm in Ohio so it might be about the same feeding times?

Jan 31, 2011
beautiful pileated
by: Anonymous

That is a perfect shot,
thanks for sharing
they are around where I live
but I never get to see them
only hear them and they are loud...

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