Huge Black Bird

by Pat Younger
(Mount Airy, NC United States)

It's about the size of a wild female turkey. Is solid black with a straight, non-curved bill that is grayish black. Its underneath feathers (not tail feathers) have a white tip around them. I can't get close enough to take a picture. The bird has yellow legs.

It came up on our front porch and had a hurt wing. I fed it cat food, raw hamburger, lasagna, water; anything I thought it might eat. It has now recovered and can fly very well, but continues to perch in a tree just over the top of our outbuilding. We live in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in NC. The bird never makes a sound, but grew accustomed to the sound of my car and would follow me in to the house (we have a 1/2 mile driveway and live in a very rural area on 45 acres). I'm wondering if this bird has a nest under our outbuilding?

At first I thought it was a black American vulture, but its beak is not curved and it has yellow legs. Then we thought it was a raven, but the have grayish black legs. I've been on the internet repeatedly, the Audobon site, etc., searched all images and see nothing exactly like this bird. Can you help?

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Feb 24, 2017
May be an America Black Vulture
by: Pat Younger

His head, however, has feathers and is not 'leathery' like other black American Vultures. Is there such a species as a vulture with a feathery head?

Feb 23, 2017
I Think it IS a Black Vulture
by: Anonymous

If you google Black Vulture which I know you said you did but they do have white wing feather ends and although the legs aren't pictured as yellow they are light colored. Also noticed that the beak on the Black Vulture isn't distinctly curved on all the birds.
Very cool though. Good for you to help this bird out when it was injured and I THANK YOU for that as so many wouldn't be bothered.
I hope you can get a picture or at least a positive ID so we find out and thanks!

Feb 23, 2017
Your bird buddy!
by: Tammy

I'm so curious as to what species your bird buddy might be! I hope you'll let us know when you find out. Can you post a picture? I'm from CA and have no idea. Just curious!

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