How do I deal with chipmunks who eat all the food?

by Marjorie
(London, Ontario, Canada)

We have a good-quality "squirrel buster" bird feeder that works well for squirrels, but last spring and this spring we have been bothered by a chipmunk. It is too light to activate the mechanism that keeps squirrels from feeding. If we don't happen to be home it eats through the entire contents of the feeder in a day. And it scares our lovely birds away, so we've had to remove the feeder.

Any suggestions?


Please ???

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May 16, 2017
chipmonk NEW
by: roma

i think it would be cruel to add pepper. i would not want an animal to suffer. however, i did see a picture somewhere of someone that built a squirrel feeder, i beleive it had corn on the cob secured safely. or, set up a place in the yard for chipmonks on the ground, train them to go there. apparently corn on the cob, or dried corn popcorn? and some nuts, unshelled peanuts would probably do it, or some of a bag of cooking nuts from costco, sunflower seeds, oil or the large kind. also scattering seed on the ground gives birds and chipmonks an even chance. i bet this chipmonk has a lot of little mouths to feed. and i think they are cute.

May 16, 2017
chipmunk NEW
by: AuntGiki

I wouldnt do the pepper idea. The animals get pepper on paws and it can get in eyes and burn.
I would just add an extra feeder to your yard.
Just my 2cents - i think its impossible to only feed birds - you will get whatever is out there that is hungry

May 16, 2017
Hot peppers! NEW
by: Margaret Mariam

What works for squirrels may very well work for chipmunks. Mix cayenne or a spicier variety of pepper in with the bird seed. Birds don't seem to mind it - but I think furry little mammals will have the same reaction people do. OUCH on their tongues.

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