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Help with Feeders

by Randy
(North Carolina)

Comments or Questions: I have been reading some of your info and am enjoying.
I finally filled my feeders with thistle and black-oil sunflower seed. I was using the mix that the birds just picked through and discarded the filler of course. I do not have now the number of birds that I had a few days ago....What am I not doing? Is there something else that I need to put into the feeders that will help? Maybe some type of fruit mix? Please help. Thank you....Randy

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Help with Feeders

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Apr 05, 2011
Sunflower seeds
by: Anonymous

i have experimented with several bird food variates and I can tell you that Just SUNFLOWER seeds will attract all the favorite birds alone.

Thats all I use now and suet for the woodpeckers and safflower seeds in different feeders away from the sunflower seeds for cardinals, chickadees, and nuthatch and titmouse and the purple and house finches

My two cents from the midwest usa.

Jan 28, 2011
Backyard birds
by: Susan

Randy, what kind of birds do you want to attract to your feeders?

Jan 28, 2011
I don't think anything is wrong.
by: Hayley

I don't think anything is wrong but, I can tell you some popular seeds! White millet is widely liked, and so is cracked/whole corn. And black oil sunflower, is very much loved! I mostly just buy Black oil sunflower, whole corn, and white millet now and make my own seed mixes. I also like to put out left overs, make suet, and throw out bread (Which makes the jays pop out of no where to come eat it!) I hope this helps!

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