help this bird was huge found in md

by Tracy

Brown white tan and greenish brown tail with long feathers and upset the black birds flying towards h in attack mode this was the first time I ever seen this bird what kind of bird is this and did someone bring him over here

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Jun 22, 2017
help this bird was huge found in md NEW
by: Brook

Hi Tracy,

It is native to your region and it is a bird of prey which means that: 1) that they live in your area and around the States and that 2) they catch live prey such as small birds, mice, etc..; this is their natural diet. Which explains why the other birds were ALARMED!

It is a hawk but to know what kind, I would contact your local Audubon Society and send them the pic. They will ID it for you "right off".

Jun 22, 2017
what bird is this NEW
by: Anonymous

it looks to me like a falcon or a hawk maybe juvenile .

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