Grosbeaks not afraid: must migrate from suburbs?

by Gary
(Eaton Rapids Township, MI, USA)

My home is in the Michigan woods and very remote. I have many birds and provide them small black oil sunflower seeds in addition to 23 acres of natural dense foliage. I've noticed that the R.B. Grosbeaks are not afraid of me at all. I don't know if that's their nature (like Chickadees) or if they're migrating from an area of low human danger, like maybe suburbs in the Southern US. Since we all hunt around here, the non-migratory birds fear humans. But the Grosbeaks will stay at the feeder even as I walk within 5 feet of them. Very unusual.

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May 05, 2018
R.B. Grosebeaks Not Afraid NEW
by: Mrs. G.

Yes! We live between Howell & Durand, MI, back in the woods. This is the first year (in 20) that we've been visited by this bird at our hanging suet feeder at the front steps of the house. This guy will let me get about 8-10 feet from him while he pecks at the suet cake. He appears to have absolutely NO FEAR of me- almost as if I wasn't even there. But if I get within 6-8 feet, I think he feels I might be getting a little too close and he'll fly away for a while. He is a darling bird and I hope they start nesting around here more often.

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