Grosbeak Sighting

by heather

rose-breasted grosobeak feeding young

We live in Hopkiton, Massachusetts and have a coupe of rose-breasted grosbeaks that must be nesting near our home.

When we watched a segment run by This Old House about attracting birds to your yard, we switched from a seed mix to plain black oil sunflower seeds last year. Shortly after we began seeing the beautiful Grosbeaks at our feeders. They really are cool to watch.

Few birds so brightly dressed, risk the safety of their nests either by singing or by seen near it, but this gentle cavalier not only caries food to his brooding mate but actually takes his turn at sitting upon the pale-greenish, blue speckled eggs. As a lover, husband and father he is in a league of his own. Enjoy,

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Aug 11, 2011
Grosbeak Sighting
by: Marie

Does anybody know when they go back south? It's only August 11, and mine seem to have left. I live in NH. We got to see the courting, and then Daddy feeding the little ones. After a short time, the little ones came on their own - I was really happy. I love those birds. I just can't believe that they're already gone.

Yes, sad to say, they may be gone. Often the adults leave first and then the babies follow.

Apr 18, 2011
nesting grossbeaks
by: Joanne

How lucky you are to have the rose-breasted grossbeaks nesting close to your home! We are still under 3 inches of snow her in Alberta, not really normal for this time of year. I do, however, look forward to my wayfaring pair- they have showed up every year now for the past 3, and yes, they are fabulous to watch. Keep the black oiled sunflower plentiful for them. Enjoy, and thanks for sharing.

Apr 17, 2011
good news
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the posting. I have been looking for my red breasted grosbeak and now i know to look harder

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