Grey bird with orange beak!?

by Heather

We have a few beautiful birds come to our back yard feeder every morning and afternoon. The usual Cardinals, Blue Jays (though very shy), a dove couple, Tufted Titmouse, and a few Black Capped Chickadees (I think). But recently I saw a grey bird with an orange beak. Its body was rounded, the tail looked a little more black. I've only seen it once so far but can't seem to find a picture anywhere on the net. Its just a little bigger than the cardnals we see but not quite as tall as the blue jays. Any ideas???

Thanks! -South Georgia

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Apr 17, 2017
Grey bird with orange beak NEW
by: Sherry

Dear Teri from Canton, I understand your frustration. This is probably a female Northern cardinal and she is territorial and nesting. She views her reflection as another bird, as a threat, and she will fight yo her death to protect her babies. We had the same problem here in northwest Austin, and it made us crazy. She was crashing into our master bedroom windows that are heavily tinted, so they have the appearance of a mirror from the outside. I finally had to get custom solar screens for the windows and the problem finally stopped. She finally couldn't see her reflection. Doesn't sound like this is an option for you. What did work temporarily was spray snow - try that. We also tried covering the windows with sheets but the wind blew them down and it looked tacky - it did work. Whatever stops her from seeing her reflection will stop her. Good luck!

Apr 12, 2017
Mystery bird spotted in Maine NEW
by: Anonymous

This gray bird with red mixed with gray on underside of wings and bright orange grosbeak like beak was spotted in a bush by our feeder in Central ME today. No tuft like a cardinal, more pronounced beak than a cardinal. Body type Grosbeak like. Anyone found out what it is. I did manage to get a slightly blurry image of it on my phone

Mar 06, 2017
by: Teri Lynn

Oh my freaking goodness. I thought I was the only one who was living in hell with this stupid bird. It started with ruining my mirrors on my new truck but fighting itself in the mirror and pooping down door. So i put what i call mirror panties on my mirrors. It worked really well. But now it lands on top of my tanning bed cover and pecks from 7 a.m. till dark off and on every single day for bout 9 months now. I am so no joking either. Its driving me crazy. I know i will be hated for this but i am almost 40 and just recently started getting grey hair cause this bird has stressed me out so bad. Hell i can even tell when he is around by the sound of his stupid chirp. Needless to say i have had it with this bird. I tried everything with his crazy ass he wont go away. So now i am a brand new owner of a bb gun. Sorry to offend anyone but my health is more important than this bird who is now on deathrow. Oh and i am from canton texas

Aug 14, 2016
Grey Bird w/ Orange Beek
by: Anonymous

Just saw a grey bird with Orange Beek at my feeder in Minneapolis. MN. Beautiful!

Jun 05, 2016
Right Answer
by: Anonymous

Northern Cardinal. Pretty common in Georgia around the foothills and valleys of the Appalachians.

May 12, 2016
Another one
by: Anonymous

Just saw one of these at my nursing home in Elkhart TX. It's pretty close to the person saying they saw one in Palestine. It was so beautiful I just had to google and found this site

May 02, 2016
Orange beaked bird
by: Anonymous

I was looking out my window and saw a grey bird with a bright orange beak

BOXFORD Massachuesttes

Feb 01, 2016
grey bird with orange and black beak
by: Terry

Found two of these in the last few years- unfortunately, both were dead. Largish, with darker grey feathers on top and lighter beneath. Yellow feet, orange beak with black tip. This is in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada in CA's Central Valley. No luck so far finding any info. They appear to be about 8-9 inches tall. Beautiful feathering.

Jul 27, 2015
Gray bird with Orange Beak
by: M Forster

I have seen this bird in rural Missouri and in St. Louis. I have not been able to find any identification in books or online. I do not think it is a cardinal. No crest and beak seems bigger than an cardinal beak.

Jul 06, 2015
What is this bird?
by: Anonymous

Looking out my window this morning I saw a tannish/gray bird with a neon orange beak. I saw it again later the same day. I believe it had some color on its tail, possibly more orange or a light red, not sure.

Any ideas what it is?

I live in Palestine, Texas.

May 29, 2015
by: Anonymous

saw 1st 1 similar today.Appears to be in the rufous fantail family

May 20, 2015
Gray bird
by: Austin

Glad your bird moved on, Jean. I'm not so lucky. I spent my day taping my windows with weed control fabric, which is light, and covered the windows. SIX of them. I am hoping for some peace now.
I spoke to the wildlife specialists in Austin and they had limited suggestions. Like smearing mud on the windows- uh no. Wouldn't that be a lovely view for me - for what? One dang bird?
I considered a glue board on the windowsill to catch her and end this nightmare, but I cannot do that for obvious reasons. Instead I have spent about $100.00 for products to deter her. Not to mention my time and labor!
Thanks for listening. I hope to report good news soon. I hope she can devote her time to her babies rather than chasing her reflection!

May 20, 2015
Female Cardinal
by: JeanGrey

Our bird has moved on. We haven't seen her in a while. Before she left, she did make a mess of my husband's Mustang. She kept flying and pecking at the passenger side mirror on his car also! She left some poo behind as a gift for him.

May 20, 2015
Gray bird pecking window -
by: Austin

Hi all,
Well, we all know this is a female northern Cardinal. I am in week #5 with her pecking and ramming into my bedroom bay windows. I have tried the holographic ribbons and hanging scary eyes to no avail. I wish I had one hundredth of her energy. I am waiting for a UV spray that I ordered on line to see if this works. Then possibly try 'press and seal'. But I really hate to have to compromise my view for this psycho bird!!!! I am beyond annoyed, what about ya'll? Has your bird moved on and what solution did u find?

Apr 26, 2015
Gray bird with orange beak
by: Sherry

Hi NY and GA,
That is the bird, for sure. She is still hammering away every day at various windows in my bedroom. Nesting materials everywhere. She is perching on the large red tips outside the windows...
This is going on about a week now! She is driving my dogs crazy- had to take the inside screens off so they don't scratch holes in them.
I wish she could get happy somewhere- I wonder how much longer this will go on.

Apr 26, 2015
Gray Bird like Cardinal
by: JeanGrey

I have the gray bird with the orange beak too! She has been flying into our window all day today! Every once in a while you will see her head feathers fluff up with a plume. She definitely has red/orange color on her wings. She is perching in the pine tree right next to the window, so we are wondering if she is preparing her nest there. I also wonder if I didn't recognize her as a cardinal at first, because she may be young. We live in eastern New York State. We are finally getting nice spring weather in the Saratoga/Lake George region. I checked with Cornell Ornithology bird songs and her call matches cardinals.

Apr 25, 2015
sounds like a female cardinal
by: Anonymous

this description sounds like a female cardinal. we just found a dead one in our driveway so my daughter, husband and I got a good look at her. the crest is brownish/orange, bright orange beak, and body is a mix of gray, brown and white underneath. the underside of her wings are also bright orange and her tail feathers are orange/brown. very sad to see this beautiful bird dead. :( btw, we are in suburb of Atlanta, ga

Apr 22, 2015
Saw male mate of knock knock orange beak gray bird
by: Anonymous

Austin here. Saw h this morning with his mate, checking things out, no knocking on window though. Beautiful bright orange, orange beak, black square over eyes, beak and top of chest! Never saw a bird like this! Any ideas? When will she stop pecking?

Apr 22, 2015
Orange beaked bird at window
by: Anonymous

Oh my Gosh. I wrote in about the gray female with orange beak, orange tuft on head, tinge of Orange on wings, and orangish tail feathers in Austin. First thing this am, her mate was here!!! He is bright orange all over with orange beak. He has a black square on his face!! It covers his eyes, beak and chin! Never have seen anything like it!!! He left and she is still pecking away! Help?

Apr 21, 2015
possible female cardinal, but no crest
by: Dottie

I saw what I thought was a female cardinal, except it does not have a crest. It's head is smooth. There are two sets of cardinals in the area, so I wondered if the one with the crest is just differentiating itself from the smoothed head one. Thoughts?

Apr 21, 2015
To knock knock anonymous
by: Anonymous

The exact same kind of bird has been pecking at my bedroom window for two days now. She sits in a tree close to the window and relentlessly attempts to fly into the window or sits on the ledge and pecks. There are grass clippings on the sill, makings of a nest. But no nest'. What can I do? I am in northwest Austin.

Apr 05, 2015
grey bird orange beak with mohawk
by: marci garcia

In San Antonio Tx. Can anyone tell me what kind of bird this is?

Mar 29, 2015
Knock knock knock
by: Anonymous

We have this same bird living in a tree in our yard. Same orange and gray color with a bright burnt orange beak. He continuously flies into the front window or sits and pecks on the glass. It has been going on for a week. Any suggestions????

Mar 26, 2015
orangef beeak gray bird
by: Ellie

has anyone figured out what this bird is?

Feb 26, 2015
Pyrrhuloxia-Cardinal Hybrid
by: Anonymous

Just saw a similar bird in our bird feeder this Feb. Cardinal shaped body buy darker grey with a bright orange bill....and it had spiky hair on the very top of its head. Couldn't figure out what it was. Are these birds common in Rhode Island?

Sep 06, 2014
Pyrrhuloxia-Cardinal Hybrid
by: Anonymous

Pyrrhuloxia-Cardinal Hybrid

Sep 06, 2014
maybe cardhuloxia
by: Anonymous

maybe cardhuloxia

Aug 23, 2014
Unidentified bird
by: Maggie

Does anyone have a definite identification of this bird yet? I live in the Hill Country, northwest of San Antonio, there is one constantly on the deck. It seems to be a ground feeder similar to Cardinal, but wrong color and size for either sex - definitely not a juvenile.

Jun 26, 2014
Orange beak grey brown bird
by: MaryAnn Carney Ann

Saw this bird this morning. Orange beak, a little orange on wings. Round body. Beak like a cardinal tuft on head. Tail like a cardinal. Saw a pic on internet but did not identify it. We are north of Atlanta. Just put feeders out about a week ago

Jul 12, 2013
Grey Bird with orange beak & red feathers
by: St. Louis,MO

I live in St. Louis, MO and have this bird in my backyard. It is larger than the biggest Cardinal I have ever seen. It has a little tuft of feathers on the top of his head. It eats grapes when they are in my feeder. What is this bird?

Jul 10, 2013
A sighting in NC
by: Anonymous

We live in Hendersonville NC, and today saw, at our feeder, a roundish bird with a bright orange grosbeak. It was definitely not a cardinal female or juvenile. It had a white breast and belly and grey shoulders and head. I have never seen one before and have been searching the internet to try to ID this bird. I have found one picture that resembles it, though this bird in the pic had orange cheek patches. I am not sure if the one we saw today had the patches. He was there for just a couple of minutes and then flew off. In any case, the one in the photo was not identified. Please help.

May 15, 2013
Do e looking bird with bright orange beak
by: San Antonio, Tx.

We have the same larger grayish, brown bird nesting in our large bird feeder. She sat on her nest all day yesterday. I got a great picture of her. Wondering the same thing, what type of bird it is?

May 12, 2013
Grey bird with orange beak?
by: John

We have seen the same bird on two occasions during the month of May. Managed to get a fuzzy photo of it at a feeder. After yesterdays appearance I have set up a camera in my kitchen window. Searched all of my bird books; can't find it. The beak is larger and shaped different than a cardinal's. The head is a dark gray and no plum on the top.

Apr 15, 2013
Random tip
by: Anonymous

Random tip: if you want to attract doves to your feeder you cant hang your feeder you have to put it on a table (unless you have a really big feeder) and i am also the girl that was just saying that black capped chickadee's dont live in georgia that oyu were just seing carolina chickadee's and so on but that was just a little tip (the dove thingy i have a feeder that is on a table and doves LOVE it)

Apr 15, 2013
by: Anonymous

1. Black capped chickadees DON'T live in georgia you have seen caronlina chickadees they are almost identical and i have seen that bird in my backyard to and i cant find ANYTHING soooooooooooooooo and mine was grey with a black head and tail with a BRIGHT orange beak as well so i was mostly coming here to tell you that black capped chickadees DON'T live in georgia

Hope this helps......

Mar 14, 2013
Juvenile cardinals
by: Anonymous

Juvenile cardinal would be my guess for all of these. Size is too big for Juncos. The black feathers around the eyes is right for cardinals and they're some of the only common birds with orange beaks. I once saw one with an all white head, so the coloring can be strange sometimes, but this sounds like normal youngsters getting their adult plummage. Also, Junco's beaks are more pink-- like bubble gum.

Mar 03, 2013
Saw orange beaked bird too
by: Anonymous

My son and I have seen probably the same bird here in the Hinesville area (just west of Savannah)! It has a BRIGHT orange beak, and the tail was a pale orange/rust colored nd the breast was a light pale dune color.
There was black feathering framing the eyes.
We couldn't find it in our "Back yard birds of Georgia" book.
Any help would be AWESOME!!

Feb 24, 2013
grey bird with orange beak another sighting
by: Robert

Been watching some of the migrants through my area the last few weeks and I just saw a similar bird here in my backyard in the Eastern Atlanta GA area. I could not positively identify it before a robin chased it off its perch. Smaller than a robin, but only slightly. Looked like a sharp pointed beak which was bright orange, the body was gray and white. The closest match I could find on google was a White-Breasted Robin, but they live in Australia! Also I do not think it was speckled around the neck area. Solid gray and white.

Feb 16, 2013
by: Susan

Possibly a Junco.

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