gray bird in my feeder!

Gray colored bird

Gray colored bird

I saw this gray bird in my feeder this morning. A little bigger than sparrows, almost the size of a blackbird. Never saw this before. Anyone have any idea which bird is this?

Thank you in advance :)

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Aug 27, 2013
if you haven't decided yet
by: Michael

You might check out pix of juvenile cowbirds. I had a couple of them adopt me for a couple of weeks this summer. Despite the usual bias toward them, they were delightful, intelligent and inquisitive. They also were surprisingly easy to entice to feed from my hand (they especially liked nyjer seed but also hulled black oil sunflower seeds), eventually resting in my lap or hand for extended periods or perching on me somewhere or another. The experience was one of those little surprising gifts in life.

May 10, 2013
A finch???
by: SheilaSB

The bird in the photo is the shape and color of a finch, but a finch is much smaller than what you describe. There also have been female pin-tail whydahs, exotic birds from South Africa, that got loose from a pet shop in Chicago and have been seen, along with their black and white male mates, in Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Missouri. The female whydahs do look something like the bird in your photo.

In case your bird is a female whydah, you might note my description of the male black pintail whydah. The male is mostly shiny black with a snowy white stripe that starts at the top of the head and goes down the back of the neck, ending at the neck/back juncture. There are six to eight white, vertical stripes, each stripe being about 1/4 inch wide and two inches long, on each wing. The male has a snow white chest and throat. In the mating season the male has black tail feathers that are about 12 inches long, but these tail feathers fall out after the mating season. The body of the male bird is very thin and long, much like the proportions of a cigar. I saw two mating pairs in a courtship ritual in my back yard at noon on Friday, March 9, 2011. I reported the sighting to the River Rouge Bird Observatory online and later received photos that helped me identify the birds. Thanks for sharing.

May 10, 2013
A finch?
by: Anonymous

The bird has the shape and color of a finch, but most finches are smaller than what you describe and are thinner than sparrows. I am writing from northern Indiana, which would tend to have the same birds as Illinois.

Apr 15, 2013
added info
by: Bristi (massachusetts)

Sorry forgot to mention my location. I live in massachusetts.

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