Goose Control

One form of goose control is use of the chemical, methyl anthranilate. Many birds avoid eating Concord grapes because they do not like the taste of the methyl anthranilate that the grapes naturally contain.

This is a non-toxic taste aversion agent that has an unpleasant taste to geese.

ReJeX-iT is the trade name for a commercial bird aversion agent based on this naturally-occurring plant compound, methyl anthranilate. ReJeX-iT is available in liquid and powder forms that permit application by spreader, sprayer, or fogger.

Although known biologically to be effective, the efficacy of this goose control has been shown to depend to a large degree on its formulation, concentration, and the practicalities of application.

A number of studies using captive and free-ranging birds have been conducted and published. These include laboratory studies, and studies at sanitary landfill sites and airports, studies of the aversive effects on birds feeding on fruit, grain and turf, and birds using standing water. Species studied include Canada geese, gulls, starlings, and woodpeckers among other species.

The results of these studies show that it can be effective at deterring birds in certain situations but the formulations used in some studies were not effective.

Methyl anthranilate were strongly avoided by captive mallards and Canada geese when birds were offered both treated and untreated grain.

Tests at landfill sites have shown positive and negative results.

However, it was unclear to what extent the reduction in numbers was related directly to the taste-aversion effects of ReJeX-iT. The action of the spray used to apply the ReJeX-iT also caused gulls to move away, and pyrotechnics, wires and flags were used in conjunction with the ReJeX-iT at one site.

In another case, a sizable landfill nearby provided an alternate food source for the gulls. Contrary to these findings, gulls numbers did not decrease during the ReJeX-iT treatment period at a major landfill near Toronto (Davis et al. 1995). Although gulls rejected food items sprayed with ReJeX-iT, the gulls did not leave the landfill or the active face. The gulls simply continued foraging, looking for unsprayed food items. It became apparent that the effective application of ReJeX-iT was not feasible at this large landfill simply because the active tipping face was too busy. It was impossible to keep the exposed waste treated with ReJeX-iT without interrupting the flow of disposal trucks and bulldozers.

Evaluation. – ReJeX-iT has potential for selective bird control. It is a natural, low toxicity product and it has been shown to be effective in certain applications. One should not assume that ReJeX-iT will immediately provide positive results.

Rejex-it® Migrate™ is only distasteful as long as the grass remains treated. The effect is not systemic, so as the grass grows, retreatment is needed to maintain control.

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