golden yellow bird

by roma
(buena park ca)

well, here is another bird that showed up today on the street light wire. when i first glanced at it, i thought it wss a mockingbird, but something seemed off. it had black on it,s head, perhaps a black cap. it 0was constantly moving it,s head back and forth, it seemed to have bern searching for insects, as it did quick flights and returned to it,s post.

it had a black beak, and the body when i first saw it was light, but then it moved more face on to me, and it was a bright golden yellow. it had a light throat, white or cream, and black sreaks surrounding it,s eyes. it had 2 distinct wing bars, appeared either yellow or orange, when it flew, it,s body was bright golden yellow. it,s tail appeared dark or black, perhaps with a slight notch. it,s underside had bright yellow covorts. it stayed there for quite a while, but when i had the briiliant idea of taking photos, the clicking and me getting closer irritated it, and i saw orange feathers on the top of it,s head, then it took off. this was about te size of a mockingbird, it,s not a warbler, i checked, and not an oriole, or a king bird.

with all the severe fires, i know many habitats were destroyed. with the hurricanes and severe storms, it might have gone off course. but this us the third unfamiliar bird i,ve seen this year. i would appreciate some help with this asit was not in my field guides.

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