Gazebo Bird Feeders

Gazebo bird feeders

Gazebo bird feeders are not only functional, but they are a beautiful addition to any garden setting or wild bird feeding station.

I have many styles of wild bird feeders in my yard, but my gazebo feeder is one of my favorites. It may be because it is one of the few wooden bird feeders that I use. The warm color of the natural cedar and the elegant shape makes it the focal point of my feeding station.

The name says it all, a gazebo bird feeder is a bird feeder shaped like a gazebo. But the name does not tell the whole story. It is a combination of a platform feeder and a hopper bird feeder. The platform acts as a base to a central seed container. Wild birds are able to feed while being protected by the roof. The seed container can be filled through a hole in the roof. Gazebo bird feeders can be used for almost any type of wild bird seed including; black-oil sunflower seed, safflower seed and most wild bird seed blends.

These wooden bird feeders will attract many wild birds that will not perch on a tube feeder. Cardinals, jays, juncos, doves and buntings have all visited my gazebo feeder.

Gazebo feeders are designed to be hung or mounted on a bird feeder pole. I have found that it works best when mounted on a post. The stability provided by a post allows me to take advantage of the platform feeder aspect of the design. I can add special treats including homemade bird foods and fruit without fear of it falling off as the feeder blows in the wind. Combining a gazebo feeder with a wooden bird feeder pole creates an all in one bird feeding station. As you can see in the photo, I have black-oil sunflower seed, suet, fruit and corn all in one location.

Mounting your feeder on a post also makes it easier to protect it from bird feeder pests like squirrels. I simply covered the bottom of the post using a five foot piece of duct pipe and an old garbage can lid. The cost was around $8.00, much cheaper than commercially produced baffles. Planting a few flowering shrubs will hide the pipe if a more natural look is desired.

If you are looking for a pre-made gazebo feeder, you can find them made from natural cedar, painted pine, plastic, recycled materials and even metal. I have also seen pre-cut gazebo feeder kits. But why not make a gazebo bird feeder yourself? You can purchase western red cedar at your local lumberyard or home center.

I know that you will be happy with the added beauty of having gazebo bird feeders in your yard. And having a variety of wild bird feeders is the best way to attract more wild birds into your yard.

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