Flock of 14

by Manon
(Ontario canada)

A flock of 14 morning doves regularly visit my backyard to eat seeds, drink water and just hangout.

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Jan 26, 2018
flock of 14 NEW
by: roma

hi manon, gkad to help, the doves do have sweet alarm calls. my mourning doves are cooing and displaying for their mates here, eveno though it,s january in so cal, just in the last few days.

mockingbirds get into my apples, but i feel it,s a fair trade for their beautiful songs.

the doves fly up then come down with their tails spread wide, showing their white tail feathers..enjoy your doves and don,t hesitate to join in to help others.

Jan 26, 2018
protect mourning doves from hawks NEW
by: Anonymous

Thanks for your suggestions. I'm going to see about putting something above the platform feeder and also spread some seed under my gazebo roof. That's a great idea to do that instead of having all the food they go after in one or two areas. I do have some evergreens near the birdbath which is where the one was attacked. I think they like to sleep there. On a good note... there were approximately 16-18 back there this morning. They all flew away when I went outside making a series of mourning dove fly away sounds, the sound they are known for. Thanks again.

Jan 26, 2018
flock of 14 NEW
by: roma

i,m so sorry that a hawk probably got your bird. maybe the other doves are hiding and only coming out to feed. my sister had a bird feeder and one day saw a hawk get one right off the feeder.

having them attracted to one place may be the problem. are there any bushs or trees with low lying branchs? since they are ground feeders, sprinkling seed below these would do since you have snow. i put seed in multple places including under my patio and patio table.

most hawks dive for their prey, so open places sre dangerous. perhaps hanging the platform feeder under a roof like a roof of a porch would help.
my sister saw a hawk take one right off her feeder.

that,s great that you have heated water. watch for cats, too as these are ambush hunters. i keep my cat in when the doves are feeding, or they are wary of her.

Jan 25, 2018
there were 14 then 22 then a hawk! oh no!!! NEW
by: Manon

I wanted to update you all. My count had been going up to 22 morning doves at the same time. They are there first thing very morning. They leave and come back throughout the day. They love my platform feeder of a mixture of sunflower, safflower and various small seeds.

Something horrible happened about 2 weeks ago. On the edge of my heated birdbath, I found a big spot of blood and feathers of what looked liked to be all feathers of a morning dove spread all around. There had obviously been a massacre by another bird (no foot prints in snow). My research with specialist indicates that it was most likely a hawk. They apparently will eat one morning dove per week.

I reduced the food I put out but their numbers have significantly dwindled to around 8-10 now. I wish they wouldn't just sit around as they are slow flyers to begin with.

I didn't want to stop feeding all together for a few days, this being suggested in summer to make hawks go elsewhere, because it's very cold and many of them and others would dies for the lack of food which they now depend on.

Anyone have such an experience?

Jan 21, 2018
mourning doves NEW
by: roma

that,s great! i have anywhere from one to six, it,s important to have liquid water as this is hard in winter to get.

my doves sometimes do a behaviot that looks odd.
i looked outside and saw a dove on the ground with it,s wings spread out. i watched it for two or three minutes and it didn,t move. i thought it was dead, but when i got cloee, it moved and flew away. ii had been sunning itself and probably was dosing.thought i should give you a head,s up.

Jan 03, 2018
Mourning Doves NEW
by: Anonymous

What are you feeding them? I have dozens coming to my yard for store bought wild bird seed mix.

Dec 24, 2017
flock of 14 NEW
by: Brook

How lucky are you???

I have two ONE year and they only stayed a few weeks. Thanks for sharing

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