Flicker found alive with broken wing on our farm

by Judy

WE found a flicker on our farm April 2017 and are trying to heal it's broken wing. Have captured and placed him in a cage. We will try to feed him seeds, fruit- and ants from under the rocks on our farm.

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Apr 16, 2017
You have a very small window of time... NEW
by: Margaret Mariam

Broken bones in birds must be fixed within a few days, or they cannot be fixed at all. If you go online for instructions on how to help a pet bird if it breaks its wing, you may be able to apply it to your bird. But after about four days - it is very hard to set it in the right position. I learned this with a robin, that someone asked me to "rescue" after watching it hop around their yard for a week.
I stayed with it, through the euthanasia.

With parrots people sometimes make a body wrap to immobilize the wing while transporting it to the vet.

Can it raise the wing at all ?

Apr 16, 2017
flicker found alive with broken wing on our farm NEW
by: Brook

If at all possible, I would suggest that you take it to a Wildlife Care center, they will know how to splint it so it will be able to fly again.

I tried to heal a broken wing on a rolling pigeon that landed in front of the car ahead of me but it was never able to fly again. I was very thankful to have found someone who was able to use HIM for breeding.

If you have to keep it, keep it out of drafts and in a quiet, dry place away from a lot of action, be sure it has clean, dry bedding daily. Make sure it always has water available.
They absolutely love Suet cakes and it is a good source of protein.

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