Fledgling-gray on top white breast and quite fluffy in Mississippi

by Pat Smith
(Union, Ms)

For 2 days I've been hearing what sounded to me like a turkey hen in the distance. This morning while I was out with my dogs, I heard it in my front yard in some bushes. It was starting to sound weak so my hubs and I took some water in a syringe and it actually drank. I have a cat and I don't want her to get it so if I knew what it was, I could take it in and feed it and let it go after a meal. It's not flying or trying to get away. We think it's lost.

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Aug 10, 2016
Remember: Rescuing Wildlife is VERY difficult
by: Margaret Mariam

Rehabilitators spend a LONG time learning before they start working with wildlife. (The exam to become licensed is daunting, to say the least.)

Moms don't really give flight lessons. They simply lead the way. Babies practice flapping their wings & one day get lift off. A parent can bring a stranded bird food. But they cannot bring them back up to the safety of the nest.

Aug 10, 2016
Many fledglings do not make it.
by: Margaret Mariam

I don't know if you took the bird inside and were feeding it @ 15 minutes like the parents and wildlife rehabilitators do. Or if you decided to leave it outside. But the bird didn't look well in the photo you shared. As for the person who wrote that she has the same kind of bird and plans to release it.The diet for different birds varies, so it is important to know what kind of bird you have found. And releasing found birds is very complicated. The simplest rule is that the word can not go back to the wild, until it demonstrates that it can easily fly and land, 15-20 ft. That is the minimum for being safe outdoors. I have a 5 week old pigeon right now, and she isn't leaving for at least a month. (Since I live in a one room cottage, a large proportion of the space inside, has been given up for the bird.) Initially I was feeding her @ 15 minutes, then @ 1-2 hrs, and now 4 times @day with her self-feeding in between. But she is lonely for birds of her kind, and needs to learn from them. So she is spending time outdoors (in a large cage) when the other pigeons are here.
And she still may not make it, when she is released.
You did your best to help the bird. But I think it was already sick when you found it.

Aug 10, 2016
It's too late
by: Pat

Well, sadly that same day, he passed away. The 2 days prior when I heard him, he was calling for his moma that never came. I believe she must've been giving him flying lessons and something happened to her. I gave him a proper burial that evening.
I never did find out what kind of bird he was. Thank you all for your comments.

Aug 09, 2016
What is this?
by: Anonymous

Did you find out what this is? I think I have one that I am trying to release properly.

Jul 27, 2016
fledgling-gray on top white breast and quite fluffy in mississippi
by: Brook

If there is an Audubon Society nearby a call to them might be worthwhile too. I've never heard that you should NOT give water to a bird I've always heard the opposite, you don't want to forse it to drink but offer it in the eye dropper. Little ones need to eat very often,and lots of fluids. Let us know how it goes.

Jul 26, 2016
Its eyes look like it doesn't feel well.
by: Margaret Mariam

Did it stay on the branch while you gave it water ? If so, this is not a healthy bird. It may only be dehydrated, but it needs a lot of water if it is. Go on line, and find a licensed wildlife rehabilitator - show them your photo and get professional advice.

Its good that you care. That is wonderful. But this bird may need lots of help

Jul 26, 2016
Fluffy Fledgeling
by: Anonymous

You might take it in to a wildlife rescue center if there's one near where you live. It's pretty dicey to give birds water as I understand they can choke or drown. Wonder where the nest is? Poor baby.

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