Bird Watching for Kids...
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Bird watching for kids is an activity that will bring nature to life.

Why is birding such a great hobby for kids?

Bird watching (or birding) is a hobby concerned with the observation and study of wild birds. Kids are naturally curious and love to learn. The behavior of wild birds is what makes them so fascinating to watch.

The best place to introduce your kids to bird watching is in your own backyard. Try hanging a few bird feeders and watch the reactions as birds begin to come to your feeders.

It won't be long before the questions are flying

Just relax, birding doesn't require a vast knowledge of birds. Bird watching gives you an opportunity to learn with your kids. Observing birds gives us a better understanding of their habitats and behaviors.

Building bird feeders and making bird food are some of the easiest ways to increase interest in bird watching for children. I have found that my children are always more interested in watching wild birds dining on treats that they helped make.

Here are some fun projects to get you started:

  • Use a field guide to help learn the names of the birds visiting your feeders.

Bird watching for kids is a hobby that can grow beyond your backyard.

Your hobby can quickly grow from an interest in your backyard birds to taking day trips looking for birds in their natural habitat. You may even want to join one of your local bird watching clubs.

Leaving the comfort of your home to find new wild birds will be a great adventure. What are some of the items you will need as you take your hobby to the next level?

  • You will need at least one pair of binoculars. If possible, a pair for each person is preferred. There are even binoculars designed specifically for bird watching for kids.
  • A bird watching field guide will help you identify the wild birds that you find. Try to find a field guide that is specific for your geographic location. Most field guides will give you information on where to find certain species of birds.
  • Wear proper seasonal clothing. Dress in layers and consider foot comfort when selecting shoes.
  • Bring a note pad or your bird watching journal to take notes on what you see.
  • A camera will enable you to take pictures of the birds that you see in their natural habitat. This may spark interest in a whole new hobby, wildlife photography.

Bird watching for kids, will be a lot of fun. It is a fantastic hobby that the whole family will enjoy. Spending an afternoon birding will bring your family together while enjoying the fresh air, local scenery and most of all ... the beauty of nature!

Watching wild birds can be fun for parents and kids but bird watching for kids can grow into a lifelong love for nature. Visit my home page for more information.

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