How To Attract Your Favorite Backyard Birds

There are backyard birds that are at my feeders everyday like:

There are others that stop by at different times of the year such as:

There are still more wild birds that do not feed at my bird feeders, but can be attracted with water, like robins and mourning doves.

I have a special area set up for you to share your favorite backyard bird story with my other readers. It's easy, take a look at some of the stories and photos our readers have sent!

I have had a Tufted Titmouse pair build a nest in my yard each of the last few years. The kids and I watch in anticipation for their arrival in early April. Last year we had two pairs nesting. It is nice to know that they have chosen our home to be their home.

If you are new to birding, you will soon begin to recognize certain birds that come around each day. You will become familiar with which wild bird foods they prefer, how they interact with the other birds, the times that they arrive and so on. Soon you will have your own favorite birds. 

According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife service, more than 50 million people in America consider themselves to be birdwatchers. Some bird watchers may never venture beyond their own backyards, while others will travel to other parts of the world to observe wild birds.

There are about 800 species of birds in North America. You could probably find about 100 species near and around where you live. Your backyard is a great place to start enjoying the incredible hobby of bird watching

There are many ways to attract wild birds into your yard. Use the links below to find even more information on how to attract birds into your yard.

Here is even more information on how to attract backyard birds.

How to choose the best bird feeder.

How to choose the best wild bird seed.

How to create a bird garden.

Click here if you are interested in finding information on state birds

Learn how to attract birds in winter.

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Red-tailed Hawk 
I took a picture of a Red-tailed Hawk that was sitting in the tree next to our house. I had not seen one so close before. He was there for quite a while. …

2015 Summer Bluebirds Update For Cottage Grove MN 
Well they were later than normal this year but on Friday June 12th a beautiful pair of Bluebirds arrived in my back yard in Cottage Grove, MN. A week …

Green mystery bird in Indiana! 
We are in North Central Indiana. I have been seeing a pale green bird around dusk, He sits on the wires above our deck and sings a pretty three part song. …

Song Sparrow Confusion 
This winter I was trying to capture on camera and identify all the birds that visited my backyard. I'm fairly certain one of these birds was a Song Sparrow. …

My First Pileated Woodpecker! 
A few days ago I saw for the first time a Pileated Woodpecker in our Ash tree eating the berries. It was so big and amazing to watch! I agree with Darlene …

Golden-crowned Kinglet 
Here is a pic of a male Golden-crowned Kinglet in response to the post from Keith in Hampshire. Keith's description of the small bird he saw matches the …

Bushtit Photos 
For only the past few winters we have had flocks of Bushtits in our yard. They are such small brownish-grey non-descipt birds. They are always in large …

Just thought I'll share this bird from my pond with you.

They are back!!! 
Have a lot of these little friends every summer.

My little friends. 
I love to watch all these beautiful birds in the backyard! Comment What a fantastic backyard of birds! Thank you for sharing.

Woodpecker family 
I saw these beauties last week in my backyard in Coastal North Carolina.

Bald Eagles 
This we week went to Skagit Valley in western Washington state to enjoy the beautiful fields of blooming tulips. But we also had the the thrill of seeing …

Photos of Chickadees at our feeder. 
Here are two photos of the two types of Chickadees that come to our feeder in the Pacific Northwest. One is the Black-capped Chickadee and the other is …

Uninvited Guests at Squirrel Feeder! 
In an attempt to keep the squirrels out of my bird feeders, I built and mounted a squirrel feeder at the opposite end of my backyard. Well, I never expected …

Attracting Blue Jays 
I don't have a birding story yet, but I'm working on it! I'm just starting to put out seed & water again to attract the birds after a 5+ year hiatus, …

Mystery Bird Call Solved! 
I live near Seattle, WA and for many years now I have heard a very unusual bird call early in the morning for a few days in February and March. This year …

DO Mallard Ducks recognize people? 
Today I was beginning to fill the water bowl and throw some corn on my front porch for my female mallard duck that visits me every day,when she was already …

Ruby-Throated Hummingbird Spring Migration 
Every year in March, the first ruby-throated hummingbirds arrive in Gulf Coast states from their wintering grounds in Central America. Fattened on …

Second picture of grosbeak (male and female) 
Here is the male and female.

Finally got the picture of the grosbeaks 
I've had these two at my feeder for the past month and I love it! The male and female come together throughout the day. I am feeding safflower seeds …

Hummers At Feeder 
Today I finally put my humming bird feeder up and at 7:00 am a pair of Ruby-throated hummingbirds arrived and came back and forth, about 20 times …

Downy woodpecker 
We have been hearing the sounds of this woodpecker for weeks now. So we went and bought a peanut feeder and hung it outside along with the other bird …

I told my friend Brook in Oregon that I would post a couple photos of Bushtits that I took. They have no distinct markings and visit my peanu butter & …

Nesting material 
We have a Golden Retriever,Koda that likes to lay on back deck or front porch. In 2010 a titmouse came to get "nesting" material off our dog and he doesn't …

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Winter Goldfinches 
This is my favorite time of year for backyard birding! The trees are all in their fall colors, our ash tree is covered with bright red berries that attract …

Winter Hummers 
We have had our first snow and freezing temperatures this winter. This morning everything has a coat of ice on it. My first thought was look for our winter …

Accidental Feeder 
I have a thistle sock and the string to hang it broke. So I put it on my patio table. I put a plate under it so the seed won't spill. (There was pretty …

Towhee pic for Kathie in Long Is. 
Here is a picture that I grabbed off the web of a Rufous-sided Towhee. I think it looks a lot the the bird in Kathie's from Long Is. post.

New Neighbors 
As I was grooming my Cairn Terrier, Misty, last week, I didn't want to see that lovely soft undercoat go to waste. So I put her fur in a suet feeder (sans …

A Tale of Two Swallow Types 
Some years ago we built a cedar-sided house in the country. Our contractor told us to wait a few months before staining the siding. Soon after moving …

Easy to Make Squirrel Feeder 
Here is the website with the plans for making the squirrel feeder that was in my video. Since I use a flat-sided jar for the food, I didn'y make the little …

Nesting Bald Eagle 
In the Pacific Northwest we have a lot of Bald Eagles. When we lived on an island we had an eagle nest in the woods across the street from our house. …

Woody came to see the Georgia Florida game when my family and I put the TV outside for the big game. Woody also has a loud game cry! Today her husband …

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