These beautiful wooden bird feeders offer a more traditional look. We are proud to offer bird feeders for sunflower seeds and mixed seeds. There are a few designs where suet cakes can be dropped into the cages at both ends of the feeder.

These wooden bird feeders can be used to attract grosbeaks, chickadees, woodpeckers, titmice plus many more seed eating birds.

Audubon by Woodlink Copper Top Ranch Feeder $34.99
This hopper feeder features high quality, handcrafted construction with a 12oz. copper roof, zinc chromate screws and an anodized aluminum hinge.


Audubon by Woodlink Large Ranch Fdr w/ Suet Cages $29.99
eatures side suet cages. Quality construction includes a hinged roof for easy filling.

Holds 3.5 .lbs of seed and 2 suet cakes.


Audubon by Woodlink Small Ranch Feeder $22.99
Constructed of natural cedar using zinc chromate screws and an anodized aluminum hinge. Hinged roof allows easy filling and cleaning.

1.25 lb capacity.


With durable, perforated metal bottom providing drainage to keep seed from spoiling, this one-foot-square platform hangs nicely from a shephard's hook or a hanging bracket by a sturdy nylon cord. Screen removes easily for cleaning.

Dimensions: (2"h x 13"w x 13"d)

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This feeder is designed to protect not only bluebirds, but all smaller birds. Entrance holes on the end allow little ones in, but keep starlings and other large birds out. Extended landing platform provides outside perches at each end. Bluebirds feed inside on berries and fruit, or mealworms and insects. Top swings up for easy filling. Mount on a post, pole or hang from attached cord.

Dimensions: 10-1/2"h x 15"w x 10-3/4"d

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Mount this small, screen feeder to your window, add sunflower seed and enjoy the birds. Ideal for casement windows where access can be difficult, but this feeder can be filled with ease.

Dimensions: (2-1/2"h x 10-1/2"w x 10"d)

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This feeder is designed to appeal to woodpeckers and flickers that are particularly attracted to suet in winter. The "paddle" below the suet cage provides a support for these birds to balance with their tails. Also loved by chickadees and nuthatches.

Dimensions: (12"h x 8"w x 4"d)

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View the birds up close and they can't see you. The mirrored acrylic panels slide open to easily refill. Manufactured from cedar, the two wooden spring-set dowels make for simple installation. The acrylic top protects the seed tray made with perforated to provide drainage. Fits outside windows with dimensions from 20" to 40" wide.


This feeder allows you to view the feeding birds through a clear panel. Its unique design sits inside the house and installs easily by utilizing dove-tailed, wooden side panels that slide out to fit most windows from 24" to 36" wide. Made of cedar, it's easy to fill and cleans from the comfort of your home.