Feather picking

by Shirley D.
(Bartlett, Tn.)

I know this is a wild bird category, but I need help with a domesticated parrot. She is an African Grey, 4 yrs. old. She is constantly picking her feathers out. I took her to the vet for a skin check and diet review. He says she is not bored and appears to be in excellent health. She was put on liquid antihistamines for about two weeks, but to no avail. She has plenty of toys and gets lots of attention. She has also been sprayed with a solution of listerine and witch hazel. Can anybody offer any suggestions?? Would be greatly appreciated.

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Feather picking

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Nov 04, 2011
Feather picking greys/parrots
by: Lynn

I also have an African Grey, or she has me. One thing that can cause this is lack of certain types of light. One may think if the cage is near a window they will be getting the full spectrum BUT, windows are usually tinted or treated to block out certain rays. She may be in need of natural light. If you take her outside, be sure her wings are clipped and you stay with her. If you have hawks in your area be VERY cautious! You don't want to lose your baby!!

Parrots also have strange dietary needs. Feed her a variety of fruits, veggies, and nibble of cheese, canned dog food, or even a piece of bologna. Mine loves my dog's canned food (alpo), bologna, brownswagger (sp?) and chicken wing bones to chew on. Mine likes to eat the marrow out of the bones. Avoid sunflower seeds, they are very high in fat, cholesterol and can cause heart problems and shorten her life span.

I hope some of this may help her, I know how helpless that can make you feel. don't give up!

Jun 11, 2011
African Grey
by: Judy-Seattle

Shirley, I don't know anything about parrots but have heard the African Greys have a tendency towards plucking their feathers. I went to yahoo.com and entered "African grey plucking feathers" in the search. A whole bunch of good websites came up that discuss this issue and give some remedies. See if you can find an answer there to this frustrating problem.

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