Fearless Little Bird

I live in the northwest sector of the city of Washington, DC. A few years ago we had crows everywhere. Then a new bird came. It is the size of a starling, but a bit smaller. It has the color of a sparrow, except it has a significant white stipe across its wingspan and its tail. When it perches, its long tail points upward. This bird is fearless! It chased away the crows - we haven't seen any since this bird came along. I have seen it chase other birds (especially the crows)squirrels and cats. It's a lovely bird; does anyone have an idea of what it could be?

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Apr 29, 2012
Mocking birds
by: Bettie W

These birds are definitely belligerent and fearless,but they are good to have around. My husband,many years ago traveled all week and came home on Friday nights. One night when he called, i told him about hearing a mocking bird at night. He said "good" "As long as you can hear one singing everything is all right ". So from then own I listened at night and he sang and sang.Before that time I had been so afraid of staying by myself with 2 young children,but after that I rested more peacefully. So I always think of that event when I hear their song.

Apr 26, 2012
belligerent mockingbirds
by: Anonymous

Last summer a pair of mocks (fit description in question to a "T") started coming into my garage to eat dry catfood that I leave out for my (partial) outdoor cat. I didn't mind; they'd just fly in and silently snatch a piece or two of food and leave; no problem. But this spring they've become an absolute pain in the butt! Apparently b/c they've realized my cat (a prolific hunter) is a potential threat, along w/thinking *she's* eating *their* food and not vice versa, they sit on the cars in the driveway or in the garage itself and just shriek-chirp away!(I keep "asking" them to at least imitate a less annoying bird song!)Since the garage also doubles as a kind of "shade porch" for me, their squawks irritate me to no end! If only they could just return to silently snatching food. I know I need to try hanging up a bird feeder (away from the garage!)for them before encouraging the neighborhood kids to brandish their b-b guns (kidding--only kind of...),so that'll be my next step. Wish we could just all calmly (and less abrasively) co-exist!

Aug 11, 2011
Fearless bird
by: Flu-Bird

Mockingbirds are absolutely belligerent when it comes to defending their territory that's why its the state bird of six states

Jun 09, 2011
Definitely a mockingbird
by: Anonymous

They're pretty drab as bird go, but your description of high-held tail is what a mockingbird does. They flick their tails, drop them down and use them for all sorts of communication and balance. You may notice white bands on open wings in flight. Mockingbirds will commonly pair up with one another to harass (mob) crows and other predators. Crows will take the eggs and young of many songbirds (alternately, owls will take crows. Circle of life, don't hate the crows. They're highly intelligent and have very tight family groups). Just yesterday my daughter called me outside to watch two mockingbirds attack a crow that was sitting on the lawn minding it's own crow business (alerting me to grubs that is) and they will dive bomb the heck out of them even in mid-air. Mockingbirds do mimic many other birds and I have one that mimics me! Ha. come to think of it when I lived in Florida I had an old cat who didn't wander outside past the walk in front of the house and most days instead would lie in the garage when the door was open. Two mockingbirds would come harass her all the time- one would sit on the post light in case she came to the sidewalk to sun her kittyself, and the other brazen one would fly in to my garage, sit on top of my truck and use that as it's vantage point when dive bombing the poor old clawless kitty.

Jun 02, 2011
Fearless bird
by: Wildbird

Could be an Eastern Kingbird but that birds just a little smaller then a robin but their absolutely fearless when their protecting their territory

May 31, 2011
Fearless Little Bird
by: Bettie

I agree. Without a photo it is hard to tell,but your description fits. I love mocking birds. If you listen closely,you can hear him make sounds like different birds. When the sing at night,you can be assured nothing is around to bother you.

May 31, 2011
by: Mavmacaw

It sounds like a northern mockingbird. They are fearless and will attack anything it thinks it can whip (mostly for its own protection. We have had them for years and simply adore them. Hope this helps. I have mockingbirds eat crickets out of my hands. I love it!!

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